Daily Archives: July 15, 2009

Such an almighty fuss over two little words!

Of course the real story is — well let Rachel tell it.

Yet even this scratches the surface. For what galls the ofays about the “Wise Latina” crack is that a woman like Sonia Sotomayor is perfectly aceptable to them if she’s washing their clothes, ironing their shirts, cleaning their houses and nannying their children.

Outdside of that, for get it. For while she might be “Wise” she’s not —

or —

Clearly Sonia doesn’t know her place.

And she should be well aware of the regard they show towards those Latinas who don’t know their place. Especially with men as under pressure as they are.

Could it be that where Alma failed Sonia will succeed?

Sing us out Carmen (arguably the Wisest Latina of them all.)