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Yes It’s A Bikini World !

Except if you’re Pravda hack.

“Washington, D.C.: At what point does the media declare somone an unreliable source and stop giving them a platform? I’d think that anyone who continues to spout inaccuracies and/or falsehoods, no matter their political leanings, would be banished at some point. Why do they continue to get platforms on TV and in print to keep giving out bad info?
Perry Bacon Jr.: I don’t quite know who you are referring to. I think most writers, myself included, try to note in a story if someone is quoted saying something that is flatly wrong. It’s not like falsehoods like the “death panels” thing grow from people declaring it on CNN. It starts on blogs, then gets to talk radio and people believe things before the more traditional media has time to look into the issue.”

No that’s not how it works you lying sack of shit. It starts with paid propagandists like this cunt —

And moves on to fascists like Sarah and her towel-boy Newt

Then it’s regurgitated by assholes like you — who Blame It On The Blogs.

Yeah, right.

Sing us out Annie