Daily Archives: August 7, 2009

We begin with Glenn Beck in one of the characteristic numbers or which he is most famous

That seemed pretty clear didn’t it? Well Mr. Sheri Annis disagrees.
And he’s got “sources” to back him up.

‚ÄúSeveral MSNBC commentators ripped Fox host Glenn Beck late last month for calling President Obama a racist, but both sides felt such criticism was within bounds.”

Well, isn’t that special. Who are these “sides”? How did they reach the conclusion that “such criticism was within bounds”? And what would it mean to go beyond said “bounds”? Well that’s not for us to know because of the “Unnamed Sources” Rule. “Mainstream” journalists can cite whoever they like — and they don’t have to tell you who they’re talking about. To do otherwise would wreck havoc on journalistic integrity doncha know.

As Mr. Sheri ceaselessly insists journalistic integrity means there are two sides to everything — as we can easily see from this photo


Next — Glenn will doubtless cork up.

But he’s no Al Jolson

Sing us out, Eddie