Fait Diver: Novakula Buys The Farm

The death of Robert Novak should be a cause for celebration. But instead we get THIS

No mention of THIS


And of course THIS

Here’s what Pravda readers think of the slimebucket.

Which is why Pravda mounts a defense — full of blatant lies — in its Q&A

Media Whores are all alike. They LOVE Novakula. Instead of seriously analysis of his crimes we get cheery reminiscences from “liberals” like Eleanor Clift and Paul Bergala, about what fun guy he was on all those meat puppet shows speading lies like caviar on a cracker. Once can easily imagine why they don;t speak ill of him. He had what they wanted.

And to them he was polite

Except of course when he wasn’t

Hammer not to your taste? Well how about this?

However he went I do hope his suffering was painful and prolonged.

As for the “afterlife”. . .

Sing us out Judy!


  1. less is better August 19, 2009 4:48 pm 

    Thanks, I needed that. Screw this speak well of the dead. The bastard was really and truly evil.

  2. David E August 19, 2009 5:18 pm 

    You’re welcome.

    Speaking ill of those dead that deserved it is a moral imperative.

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