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Thanks Steve.

Thanks Ted.

And now THE SMOKING GUN ! (With a Hat-Tip To Jan Herman.)

Extra Added Attraction: A Big FUCK YOU to Roger Kimball.

“As the Bush family prepares to pack their bags and head back to Texas, some of the retrospectives have been looking at both George W Bush and wife Laura Bush’s pasts, and some media reports and an episode of The Family Guy mentioned the fact that Laura Bush killed a guy.
It’s a sad story, but also completely true: First Lady Laura Bush did kill a guy, although a very long time ago.
In 1963 when then 17, Laura Bush ran a stop sign in a crash that killed a friend in another car. Some reports say it was her then boyfriend in the other car. The police report was released in 2000, and noted that Laura wasn’t charged with a crime for the death.
“It was a terrible, terrible thing,” she said. “I know this as an adult, and even more as a parent, it was crushing … for the family involved and for me as well.”
The big question though is why she wasn’t charged way back then. Perhaps the rich got even better treatment in Texas back in 63.”

In other news Dominick Dunne bought the farm. Who can forget “Cheese it, it’s the socialite nun!” ? Certainly not I.

Here’s Peter White as Dominick.

And alas, Adieu Ellie Greenwich

Consequently there’s only one thing to sing —