Daily Archives: September 22, 2009


But how did this all come about? Well might you ask. And of course the Republicans have the answer.

See? It’s all Hef’s fault. Isn’t it obvious?

Well yes, I know he’s surrounded by women. But as any upstanding Republican will tell you women will make you gay.

Just look at this one —

Or THIS one

Not to mention THESE TWO!

No wonder more and more men are ending up like THIS!

Naturally musical comedy plays a key role in advancing Teh Ghey Agenda. Here’s Sondheim call for Same Sex Marriage.

Sports might help stave this off. But then, maybe not.

And before you know it —

No, there’s no fighting it. Surrender now. And bow down to your leader.

He’s swell. And so is his boyfriend.

Just remember to —