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Eleven years ago today Matthew Shepard was lynched for being gay.
Needless to say there are people who refuse to be confused by the facts

Foxx was referring to a program broadcast on ABC’s 20/20 in which Elizabeth Vargas interviewed Shepard’s murderers in the hopes of advancing segment producer John Stossel’s insistence that the murder wasn’t a hate crime at all.

Here’s Foxx’s pseudo-apology.

That 20/20 broadcast was of course in and of itself a species of hate crime. Don’t bother looking for it on You Tube. It’s not there. And you won’t find anything much about it on “Google” either. It has been officially disappeared.

Here’s the opening of The Matthew Shepard Story.

That wasn’t bad, but the best made-for-TV movie was Anatomy of a Hate Crime, directed by my old high school confrere Tim Hunter.

The lynching of Matthew Shepard didn’t keep closet doors shut. For in the years since his death more and more of them have been flung open.

For instance. . .

“At just 19, the gay kid who grew up in Clovis, Calif., a small town near Fresno, has risen to stardom playing Kurt Hummel, one of the few gay characters in prime time.


Your character, Kurt, is the show’s fashionista and a key member of New Beginnings. How similar was your high school experience in Clovis, Calif.?
It was similar in the sense that I was definitely teased a lot in high school and I was definitely at the bottom of the food chain: total underdog, complete “Gleek.” I was never like Kurt at all; I wish I was now that I watch the show, but I was never fashionable. I wish I was like Kurt in high school! [Laughs]

Were you out in high school?
Oh, no. People are killed in my hometown for that.”


But in spite of all that, and in spite of creeps like THIS —

— we just keep going on and on and on and on.