Daily Archives: October 11, 2009

It’s deja vu all over again

How does the speech Barry gave last night differ from any of the other speeches he’s given on LGBT issues?

Not one bit.

This was entirely predictable — though David Mixner, being a gentleman, held out some small sliver of hope.

Me? I’m no gentleman.

The breeders don’t give a shit. Never have. Never will. (Gavin Newsom being the exception that proves the rule.) And the silence on the lefty blogs to last night’s aria of purest mendacity has been deafening.

Let’s review shall we?

Oh hell, bring the bitch out now.

Of course, being the HRC, they could have invited Buju Banton for all they care.

Some news here — Looks like Kevin Jennings’ job is safe.

At least for now.

As for AIDS, and much else, Tony Kushner described the situation perfectly some time ago.

Hear that? We nobody. And we still haven’t gotten ENDA passed.

Yes he promised.

Don’t hold your breath.

“I will end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

Yeah, right.

As for gay marriage —


“Extend benefits to LBGT families” and repeal DOMA.

Don’t hold your breath.

But do try to breath correctly when singing.


and least —

The Easter Egg Roll!


Nothing says Gay Rights like an Easter Egg!

Barry, I knew Morty Manford. Morty Manford was a friend of mine.


If he were here he’d read you like the fucking telephone directory!


But hey, it took eons for the breeders to deal with Harvey Milk, so it’ll take another millenia for Morty to get his due.

No excuse for your not mentioning —


Much less —


“Tonight somewhere in America a young person –”

Like we don’t know?


It’s too late for Larry.

Nice speech Barry. You can put your Noble Prize where you consciousness of LGBT issues ought to be.

Play us out Bernard