Fourth Time’s The Charm

Well I doubt it’s going to be quite that fancy, but I’m sure it will be just as ceremonially symbolic. Provided of course nothing untoward happens between now and then. Right Gawker?

“Congrats to Rush Limbaugh! We hear he’s finally set a date get married for a fourth time—appropriately enough, it is the Fourth of July!
The lucky lady: Kathryn “Kate” Rogers. We’re not sure where the wedding is taking place, yet, but Rush reads the site, so maybe he’ll let us know!
Rush loves the holidays: his last wedding was on Memorial Day, 1994. Prior to that, his second wife left him on Christmas.”

What with the holidays approaching most appropriate that the announcement is being made now then, isn’t it?

“Kate, 32, is a party planner and is currently planning the Super Bowl or something.”

Goodness knows what that “something” might be. But for the nonce she’s got the ring.


It all seems so sudden, doesn’t it? Why it was only yesterday. . .

“While Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were trading barbs during a recent CNN debate, political pundit Rush Limbaugh was trading smooches with his new girlfriend.

The conservative talk show has has confirmed to The Palm Beach Post that he’s dating Kathryn Rogers, director of VIP relations for the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee.
“We met four years ago when Kathryn worked for [golfer] Gary Player. There was a charity tournament. She was rounding up the celebrities to participate in the event. She called me and I played,” Limbaugh said. “We’ve stayed in touch since and started dating in the summer.”
Reportedly, Rogers also accompanied Limbaugh down the red carpet at a Miami Beach charity dinner for Alex Rodriguez’ AROD Family Foundation last weekend. We assume Cynthia Rodriguez was there, too.
“Rush is an incredibly great guy. Very different from what people think,” Rogers told the newspaper.”

I’ve no doubt that he is, dear.

And best of luck, considering his history.

“First Marriage — Roxy Maxine McNeely:
Roxy was a sales secretary at WHB radio station in Kansas City when she and Rush met. They were married on September 24, 1977 at the Centenary United Methodist Church in Cape Giradeau, Missouri.
Roxy filed for divorce in March 1980 on grounds of incompatibility. Rush and Roxy divorced on July 10, 1980.”

That’s 3 years.


“Second Marriage — Michelle Sixta:
Michelle was a college student and a Kansas City Royals stadium usherette when she and Rush met. They were married in 1983 at the Stadium Club.
During Christmas weekend of 1988, Michelle left Rush. Rush and Michelle divorced in 1990.”

Talk about getting a lump of coal in your stocking! That’s five years until separation then divorce two years later.


“Third Marriage — Marta Maranda Fitzgerald:
Marta was a married aerobics instructor from Titusville, Florida, who Rush met on the Internet via Compuserve in 1990. According to the Marta was “married three times and had a son and daughter before hooking up with Rush.”
Marta divorced Tom Fitzgerald in 1992. Marta and Rush were married on May 27, 1994 in Virginia at the home of Justice Clarence Thomas who officiated the ceremony. Guests at the wedding included Mary Matalin, James Carville, and William Bennett.
Rush and Marta reportedly lived in separate houses on adjoining lots while married to one another and were rarely seen together in public. On the air on June 11, 2004 Rush announced his separation from Marta claiming that he asked her for the divorce. Other sources state that Marta was the one who first moved out.
Rush and Marta divorced on December 21, 2004 in Monroe County, Florida. The 22-page divorce settlement was sealed.
According to an October 2006 article in, since their divorce, Marta Maranda has done well in real estate.”

And I’ve no doubt she’s done well on the divorce settlement too.

“Marta has consented to my request for a divorce, and we have mutually agreed to seek an amicable separation.”

11 years. That’s a record. I’m sure the separate residences helped.

But apparently not enough.

And then —

In September 2004, Limbaugh became romantically involved with then-TV personality Daryn Kagan, and they broke up in February 2006.

And no wonder, for that same year we learned that Rush was a viagra-fueled sex tourist in the Dominican Republic.

Yes, sex is cheap south of the border. But it can also be quite dangerous.

Clearly Daryn dodged a bullet.

Still. . .


But don’t worry your pretty little blonde head about that now, Kate. Just make sure that by July you’re . . .well rehearsed.

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