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A Mr. Sheri reader writes –

“Washington, D.C.: Towards the end of today’s profile of Adam Moss, you referred to Mr. Moss’ “boyfriend of 25 years.” Was the term “boyfriend” one used by Mr. Moss, or is it your term”? Frankly, the term seems to demean a long-term relationship. And coming from a writer who has publicly criticized his newspaper as too supportive of gay marriage rights, I am skeptical about its use in the profile.”

Here’s the passage from the profile in question:

“The slightly built, bespectacled Moss began his career at Esquire before launching the short-lived but much-praised 7 Days in the late 1980s. Attitudes toward gay journalists, he says, have shifted with the culture. When he joined the Times in the early ’90s, says Moss, who has never been in the closet, “there may have been only two or three people out” at the newspaper.
Moss produced 283 issues as editor of the Times Magazine but felt there were risks he could not take. “The Times has a certain idea of itself as objective, or as objective as it can be,” he says. Having been something of an outsider at the newspaper, he injected the freewheeling city magazine with some Times DNA, making it newsier.
There was no chance he would pass up the opportunity. Growing up on Long Island and reading his parents’ subscription to New York magazine, “it was a romantic idea of mine that one day I might have a chance to edit it,” Moss says. He walks or bikes to work from his apartment in the West Village, where he lives with his boyfriend of 25 years, a bookstore owner.”

(See pic of the happy couple above.)

I like “boyfriend” personally. “Partner” gives me hives.

And what do you say Mr. Sheri?

“Howard Kurtz: I actually talked to Adam about that. He said boyfriend or partner was fine, that he himself didn’t know what term to use.”

Well Adam, if things work out in New Jersey this week you can move there and call him your Husband!

Not sure if New Jersey Magazine would be to your liking. But then this New York cover wasn’t to mine.


Still you’ve actually got a boyfriend, and a great many of your gay readers don’t.

Perhaps there’s a cover story in that? Or perchance one on Unrequited Love ?

Sing us out Samuel !