Daily Archives: December 21, 2009

Here’s what Uncle Lanny was so upset about —


Needless to say Jane needn’t have apologized. The picture is a perfect representation of who Joe Lieberman is, less for the blackface photoshopping than his proximity to Bill Clinton. That Democratic party leaders like Clinton AND Obama, stumped for Lieberman (running as an “Independent”) over the local Democratic candidate in Connecticut, Ned Lamont, tells you everything you need to know about stultifyingly corrupt state of American politics

And so does THIS in regard to Beltway culture.

“Atlanta: You might not take The Family so lightly if you were a gay Ugandan and about to be put to death for that. Perhaps straight Republicans/RINO’s have nothing to fear but as a gay man whose rights are subject to a popular vote every election cycle let me assure you I take them very seriously.
Tucker Carlson: As it happens, I am a gay Ugandan. And I still don’t find them scary.

So there.”

Being the smug homophobic asshole that he is,

Tucker finds nothing scary about state sponsored genocide for gays. But playing a Ugandan — what’s that about ?

A “whiff of Christmas night” Tuck?


Sing us out Eddie!