Daily Archives: December 24, 2009

Surely the facts are not in dispute

Except of course by the usual suspects — who quite unexpectedly embraced the film version of the life of the flesh-eating zombie made by a gay Marxist athiest

Lovely. But you’ll find a truer representation here —

Of course that doesn’t obviate Judy

Or Margaret O’Brien, whose sadness typifies the seasonal depression Mithras celebrations are designed to alleviate. Naturally many can’t be drawn out of the gloom. Consider Deanna in Christmas Holday

And here’s how that jolly little xmas treat ends!

Yes I know what you’re saying — “What about the children?”

Well the kiddies will be sure to enjoy THIS

and perchance THIS

not to mention THIS


and THIS

“But what about the True Spirit of the Holidays?”

So glad you asked —

Sing us out Crow!