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Fascists love 1984. It’s everything they believe in made real. Oh sure we all know it’s really supposed to be about Communism — “The God That Failed” that loveable scamp Eric Blair. Stalin loved a good confession. But Eric and his acolytes love them even more. Consider Mika.

No, not that Mika — THIS one.

“It’s about time that most mainstream journalists admitted they are Democrats.
That argument comes not from some rabid right-winger but from Mika Brzezinski, the co-host of “Morning Joe” and the daughter of Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser.”

— which in Mr. Sheri’s world marks her as something other than a right-winger, even though she obviously is one.

In an interview with WNBC’s Julie Menin, Brzezinski, who’s promoting her book “All Things At Once,” says it’s time to “stop pretending. . . . Every journalist should tell us what their political affiliation is,” and which candidates they have voted for.

Yes it’s time to CONFESS!!!!!!! After all it’s not The Spanish Inquisition is it?

Denizens of the MSM try to be objective, she says, but have “got a liberal point of view. The balance is not there.” Otherwise, viewers can be “duped.”

Are we duped by Mr. Kurtz? It’s a fair question. Few are loathe to so much as consider answering.

Are we duped by Brit Hume ? David Brooks? Well Glenn isn’t — which of course makes him an Al Queida operative.

Is the unreconstructed Democratic viewpoint of Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman too much to bear for poor defenseless little Mika? Pity the poor parvenu — with no one but Mr. Dead Intern to protect her!

While her proposal may seem “way out there,” Brzezinski says, “we’ve got to be honest.” Speaking of news people on television, she says, “do they have no brains? Do they absolutely, positively have no opinions?”

Speak for yourself cunt!

“I have a bit more confidence than Mika in the ability of many (but not all) of my colleagues to keep their opinions out of their work. And her argument that this lack of transparency has fueled the extreme movements on both sides isn’t terribly persuasive. (“That’s why we have Fox,” she says. And MSNBC prime time?)
But it’s an interesting argument nonetheless. I bet Joe Scarborough will agree.”

Oh I wouldn’t bet on that Mr. Sheri.

“I was off for the holiday, back with a full column tomorrow.”

We’re trembling with antici-


As for why we have Fox, see above — and below.