Monthly Archives: February 2010

Lovely, isn’t it? Well to some people find it downright threatening.

Oh Prunella!

Bryan’s DA BOMB!

Johnny, meanwhile, has taken the high road.

Heterosexuals are such delicate little flowers, aren’t they? Ever-so sensitive, if you get on their bad side you should prepare yourself for THIS!

Low blow, what a chop! (Not)

As for Johnny, even before his current (in)fame, Hollywood has tried to coopt his mojo.

And failed.

Ah for the good old days of Sonja Henie. . .

“A simpler time,” was it not?

Did you know that Pauline Kael once tested make-up for her? IT”S TRUE! FOX was looking for someone with Sonja’s special skin type to try out make-up shades for its Big Star, and Pauline was It.

No wonder she loved Sam Peckinpah movies so much.

Actually in some ways Sonja’s real life would have made a teriffic Sam Peckinpah movie

Yes there was a “dark side” to Sonja. As is the case for other women in the sport/art/whatevah

The perp, meanwhile is as feisty as ever

Sarah Palin should hire her to replace the aide who just took a powder.

Meanwhile I do hope Johnny considers a career in musicals. And he should take his cue from the best number in Sun Valley Serenade, which doesn’t feature Sonja but The Glenn Miller orchestra, the Modernaires, the Nicholas Brothers and Dorothy Dandridge.

Sing and dance us out kids!