Daily Archives: February 7, 2010

To those for whom the phrase “Gayer than IKEA on Superbowl Sunday” vibrates with profundity — and Judge Walker — I dedicate today’s Fablog.

And needless to say I begin with Dolores Gray.

which is of course another way of saying Jack Cole.

Jack Cole’s dedication to the Gay Agenda is Beyond Legendary. Here he makes Danny Kaye even gayer.

Cole adepts naturally recognize this number as a subtle reworking of his Mitzi Gaynor masterpiece.

This of course was tame compared to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, where he pulled out stops none of us knew were there for Jane Russell

Of course gay men could keep their clothes on too — though the results were sometimes less than copasetic.

All of this, mind you was moments before Little Kenny Angerim came on the scene.

Leading to —

Meanwhile a mad queen named James Bisgood —

And that was in 8mm folks!

Hollywood, of course had other ideas about Teh Ghey.

Naturally that’s a world away from this —

or this —

Not to mention THIS

Yes, ladies, daytime soaps have changed.

But please be aware that —

which of course won’t keep you away from —

or even

As for the rest of us, there’s always Larry HartNot to mention

and more decorously

Of course there’s a downside


Still. . .

And now to sing us out, the gayest man since Jack Cole!