NH State Representative Nancy Elliott, R-Merrimack, speaking in the executive session on HB 1590, to repeal same-sex marriage. 2/9/2010

The “money” quote:

“This is not normal and I had to think about it awhile. What we are talking about? I started thinking. We’re talking about taking the penis of one man and putting it into the rectum of another man and wiggling it around in excrement, and you have to think. I’m not sure. Would I allow that to be done to me? All of us that could happen to you. Would you like that to happen to you? Is that normal? Is that something we want to portray as the same as the one-flesh union between a man and a woman?”

See? this is what happens when you “have to think” — and don’t know how.

Would it be worthwhile to point out to Ms. Elliott that the penis and vagina produce urine as well as sperm and babies (respectively)? Is she aware of the fact that heterosexuals practice anal intercourse just as much as gay men do — of not more? And that anl intercourse is not the only same-sexual epxression?

Not really. Her mind is made up (with hospital corners) just like the signage of the so-called “Westboro Baptist Church”


The best part: “All of us that could happen to you.”

Meaning that gay marriage in New Hampshire will mean heterosexuals will be raped by gays longing to fuck them in the ass.

“Would you like that to happen to you?”

AS IF, lady!

Sing us out Louis.


Quel surprise — she’s a lying cunt!

A Merrimack legislator opposed to same sex marriage claimed this week that fifth-grade students in Nashua are being shown pictures of naked men and taught how to engage in anal sex.
Nashua school officials Friday challenged the validity of the statement made by Rep. Nancy Eilliott (R-Merrimack) during a hearing in Concord Tuesday.
Superintendent Mark Conrad said that school officials have asked all elementary school principals about the claim. Conrad said there is no evidence to substantiate Elliott’s comment and no parents have called to complain.
“We don’t have any information that this has occurred,” Conrad said Friday.
The comment was made during a judiciary committee hearing Tuesday on HB1590, a bill that would repeal the law legalizing same sex marriage. The committee voted 12-8 to recommend killing the bill.
Elliott, a supporter of the bill and opponent of same sex marriage, relayed to the committee a phone call she claimed to have received from a Nashua parent the day before.
“I heard yesterday from a mother that in fifth grade in Nashua they were given as part of their classroom instruction naked pictures of two men showing a presentation of anal sex,” Elliott said.
After being interrupted and urged to stay on topic by Chairman David Cote (D-Nashua), Elliott continued.
“This is directly to the bill,” she said. “Because we have made a marriage of same sex, they are now teaching it in public school. They are showing our fifth graders how they can actually perform this kind of sex. And they are condoning, they are saying this is normal and this is something that you may want to try.”
A phone call and e-mail to Elliott Friday were not immediately returned.
Conrad said he left a message for Elliott Friday morning and has not yet heard back.
“We’re not sure how this has come to Rep. Elliott’s attention,” Conrad said. “As a state representative, if she became aware of a concern from a parent about inappropriate subject matter, I would think she would have a responsibility to call us. To my knowledge, she hasn’t done that.”
Conrad said there is health instruction in the elementary schools, but it focuses on health and nutrition.
“Sexual preference and relationships are not part of the elementary school health curriculum,” Conrad said.
Chairman Cote declined to comment on what Elliott said during the hearing.
“I think it speaks for itself,” he said.
A video of the hearing was put on YouTube earlier in the week, but was picked up by several national blogs on Friday.
Prior to her comments about the Nashua school curriculum, Elliott gave a graphic description of anal sex to her colleagues on the committee, saying, “We’re talking about taking a penis of one man and putting it in the rectum of another man and wiggling it around in excrement and I have to think, ‘Would I allow this to be done to me?’”
Rep. Paul Hackel, D-Nashua, called Elliott’s comments “totally inappropriate.”
“It was out of context in what was a reasonable discussion of the issue,” Hackel said.
Elliott has been a vocal opponent of same sex marriage.
When the House voted to legalize same sex marriage in March of last year, Elliott said, “Male and female join perfectly together sexually. Marriage between a man and a woman is perfect and holy. Marriage will not make the same-sex people any happier than civil unions did. I know that and all of you know that.’’

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Take it away Tony!

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