Daily Archives: March 8, 2010


As some of you may recall, Larry Kramer read Rahm’s beads not long ago.

BEHAR: I think he realizes what`s going on. And it appears that he`s trying to fix it but–

KRAMER: I don`t think he does. He`s got this little creep Rahm Emanuel. I mean he`s like a hustler like a used car salesman. Would you buy a car from Rahm Emanuel? I wouldn`t.

BEHAR: Not a Toyota, I`ll tell you that much.


KRAMER: I tell you, I have this theory, Obama has been simply terrible on gay things, joins a long big crowd on that score, on that presidential score.

BEHAR: Uh huh.

KRAMER: And I think it`s because of Rahm Emanuel for many, many years studied ballet, I don`t know if you knew this. And I have this theory —

BEHAR: Who did?

KRAMER: Rahm, many years.

BEHAR: That`s scary.

KRAMER: And I have this theory —

BEHAR: Rahm Emanuel in a tutu — that gives me a headache.

KRAMER: Well, I have this theory that straight men who were very serious in the ballet –


KRAMER: Hate gays because everybody thought they were gay.

BEHAR: Oh, really?

KRAMER: And he takes it out on us.

Yep. A real towel-snapper that Rahm.

Wish he was more like Andy Samberg.

As for Eric Massa, love the dish, darlin’, but you’re still circling the drain.

Sing us out Randy