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Gun Crazy

Ah yes, it was (as everyone so loves to say about the past) “a simpler time.” The laity was composed of “sinners” and priests had “secrets” (never “sins”) no one dared dream asking them about.

More important priets weren’t likely to be packing heat.

“A teenage boy from west Texas filed a lawsuit Thursday alleging that a priest in the diocese under incoming Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez sexually assaulted him repeatedly and that Gomez should have known that the priest was an abuser.”

Of course he was an abuser — HE WAS A CATHOLIC PRIEST!

“The complaint filed in the small town of Rocksprings is the first allegation of clergy abuse of a minor to have occurred during Gomez’s tenure and made known to the San Antonio archdiocese leader, just named by the Vatican to succeed Cardinal Roger Mahony in the Los Angeles archdiocese.
The suit alleges that Father John M. Fiala assaulted the teen in 2007 and 2008, including forcing him to perform sex acts at gunpoint.”


Had the kid snatched the gun away we might have had something like —

But maybe that wouldn’t have worked because —

“Edwards County sheriff’s officials brought the reported abuse to the attention of the church hierarchy in 2008, the lawsuit said.”

Excuse me, but why were the cops notifying the accomplices?

A rape of a male minor had been brought to the authorities’s attention. Shouldn’t the suspect have been hauled in for questioning? Hell — arraignment ?

Could it be that Edwards County Sheriff’s Officials were . . . . . .Catholics ?

“A spokesman for the San Antonio archdiocese, Deacon Pat Rodgers, said in a statement that the Sheriff’s Department had advised church leadership of an investigation into Fiala but on grounds of “interference in the custody of a minor,” not sexual abuse.”

So rather than charge the perp with rape the Edwards County Sheriff’s office — operating as judge and jury — knocked it down to “interference in the custody of a minor” and let the perp walk.

“A source with knowledge of the case said Fiala came to law enforcement attention when the boy’s grandmother, who had legal custody, reported that the priest had taken the boy on overnight trips without permission.
Gomez suspended Fiala from ministerial functions in the fall of 2008, when the archdiocese agreed to cooperate with the investigation, Rodgers said. Fiala was also removed from appointments as pastoral administrator for the three missions and parishes he served.”

He was also ordered to recite seven “Hail Mary’s” and “Make a good Act of Contrition.”

“The archbishop, who is expected to assume his Los Angeles duties in May ahead of his takeover from Mahony next year, instructed Father Martin Leopold to inform parish communities of the “investigation into Father Fiala’s activities,” Rodgers’ statement said. Leopold has been identified by Bexar County law enforcement authorities as the archdiocese’s “point man” on clergy sexual abuse issues.”

The Catholic version of a “Hit Man”

“Gomez has been criticized by victims’ advocates for doing what they consider too little to address three other instances of alleged sexual misconduct by priests in the archdiocese. But all occurred decades ago, long before Gomez’s tenure and beyond the statute of limitations for bringing civil charges against the alleged perpetrators.”

Good ol’ Statute of Limitiations — the pedo-priest’s best friend.

“The teenager’s San Antonio attorney, Tom Rhodes, told the Associated Press that the boy’s family was unaware of the alleged sexual abuse until the boy attempted suicide.”

And everyone knows what a Big Sin suicide is in the Catholic church.

Ah but fear not. It’s Ratzi to the rescue!

“The Vatican changed its tone and sought to reach out to victims of the sex abuse scandal rocking the Catholic Church, saying Friday that Pope Benedict XVI is willing to meet with them and take part in the church’s healing process.”

Don’t you mean Heeling process ?

“The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, softened its recent attacks on the media, which the church has accused of mounting a hate campaign against the pope.
Lombardi defended Benedict as a pastor worthy of respect and support in the face of the “unfounded” allegations. But he also focused on the victim’s needs.”

What the victims need are cops who’ll arrest pedo perps. Even if the said perps are wearing black skirts.

In comments to Vatican Radio, Lombardi said many victims are looking not for financial compensation but for moral help, countering insinuations by some in the church that the accusations were part of attempts to win large settlements.
“For many people the road to profound healing is only just beginning, and for others it has yet to start,” said Lombardi. “In the context of this concern for victims, the pope has written of his readiness to hold new meetings with them, thus sharing in the journey of the entire ecclesial community.”

Thus obfuscating sex crimes.

“Benedict has already met with abuse victims during trips to the United States and Australia in 2008 and with Canadians at the Vatican the following year.
In a letter to the Irish in which he apologized for decades of unchecked child abuse by priests, nuns and other clerics, the pontiff said he was sorry for the suffering of the victims. He told the victims, “I know that nothing can undo the wrong you have endured.”
But the pope himself has come under fire for the handling of cases that date to his tenure as archbishop of Munich and as a Vatican cardinal in charge of the office dealing with abuse cases. And the Vatican’s offer of new meetings was dismissed by one group of abuse victims as a meaningless symbol.
“Any meeting the pope may have with victims helps him look good while doing nothing noteworthy,” said Barbara Dorris, the outreach director of US-based victim lobby SNAP.
“Kids need and deserve immediate protection and dramatic reform, not public relations ploys and photo ops. They need substance, not symbols,” she said.”

More than that they need police willing to prosecute sex crimes perpetrated by priests. As things now stand THERE AREN’T ANY!!!!

“Sex abuse allegations have swept across Europe in recent weeks, including in Benedict’s native Germany.
The Vatican has rejected accusations that the church, including the pope, engaged in a cover-up, and has blamed the media for what it calls a smear campaign against the pontiff and his advisers.
Lombardi renewed some of that rhetoric on Friday, saying the media have failed to portray the pervasiveness of child sex abuse in modern society and the way the church’s experience can be useful to society at large.”

“Useful”? To whom other than NAMBLA?

“He praised the pope’s patience in facing up to “the steady trickle of partial and alleged ‘revelations’ that seek to damage his own credibility and that of other people or institutions in the church.”
But Lombardi also said that transparency and rigor are urgently needed to show that the church is run in a wise and just manner. He maintained that proper selection and training of prospective priests will be crucial in preventing further abuse, and he insisted that the church keep carrying out canon trials “decisively and truthfully” and cooperate with civil authorities.
“Only in this way can we hope effectively to rebuild a climate of justice and complete trust in the ecclesiastical institution,” Lombardi said.
He did not address a long-standing church practice of transferring priests involved in sexual abuse cases to other parishes, which has come under fierce criticism and is seen as perpetuating the risk of abuse.”

And we all know how that game of Musical Priests works. Trouble in one parish? Well then send them to another.

And another.

And another.

And pray the situation doesn’t become so dire that you’re obliged to defrock him and THEN (and only then) hand him over to the cops.

The Catholic church? Your children would be safer taking rides from strangers.

Sing us out Moz!