And Now A Message From The Secretary of Defense

Well those are your orders men. And you know perfectly well why we’re making them, don’t you?

But times are changing. Hey even Colin Powell says so. Sort of.

Yes things are WAY different from how they were back in ’93 and it’s screamingly obvious who’s responsible.

So has no one told our Men in Uniform?

Well this only goes to show we need MORE gays in the military. Imagine — they’ ve never heard of one of Lennie’s greatest musicals! Jerry Robbins is turning over in his grave.

Ah there’s nothing like a sailor. Right Rainer?


Sing us out Babs.


  1. Timbo1952 June 1, 2010 10:21 am 

    I am always stunned by the chicken hawk opposition to gay men and women putting their lives on the line for the rest of us; they themselves have no intention of going to war, but only sending the poor the uneducated to make the ultimate sacrifice. I have always thought that the “elite” really despise the military. Why else do they refuse to fund adequately the VA and education benfits for our veterans, as well as perversely protecting the right of predatory lenders and merchants to feast on our military families. Logically, as much as they despise gay people I am surprised they dont welcome the service of gay Americans in the military. I also admire but dont understand the dedication of brave people to serve a Country that doesnt even properly appreciate their efforts.

  2. David E June 1, 2010 10:55 am 

    I don’t understand any of this either — save as a demonstration of ideology at its most self-destructive. Here are men and women who — for whatever reason — are ready willing and able to join the military yet they’re being thrown out for that which has nothing to do with their jobs.

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