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Surely the facts are far too Politically Incorrect to deal with.

“The media tirade against Helen Thomas is as illogical as it is hysterical. “

The hysteria I’ll grant you, but the media’s tirade is perctyl lofgical in that its been in the pocket of the Israeli government since 1948.

“The few sentences uttered by her were, as she quickly acknowledged, wrong—deeply so, I would add. “

Oh not too deeply. Helen was pissed of — as any sane person would be by Israel’s murderous piracy.

But there’s no place to Speak Truth To State Lies — is there Mr. Scheer?

“But they cannot justify the road-rage destruction of the dean of the Washington press corps. Suddenly this heroic woman who broke so many gender barriers and dared to challenge presidential arrogance was reduced to nothing more than the stereotypical anti-Israel Arab that it is so fashionable to hate.”

Oh sure they can. She Who Must Not Be Named called her “That Old Arab,” years ago — to the yawns of thousands. And who in Washington doesn’t love kicking an old lady when she’s down?

“Thomas, of Lebanese ancestry and almost 90, has never been shy about her anti-Israel views,” writes Richard Cohen in The Washington Post, in a non sequitur reference to a reporter born in Winchester, Ky., in 1920 when few—Jews included—supported a Jewish state in Palestine and whose parents were Christians. Obviously Cohen, who attacks Thomas for “revealing how very little she knew” about the history of Israel, is unaware that Lebanese Christians have been the staunchest allies of the Jewish state. Indeed, they provided the shock troops who, under Israeli cover, massacred the unarmed inhabitants of Palestinian refugee camps.”

A massacre that no one in the U.S. press paid any attention to. If you can read French (cause it’s never been translated into English and never wil be) you can find a detailed description of the massacre’s aftermath in a piece entitled “Quatre heures a Chatilla” by Jean Genet published in the Revue d’etudes Palestinianes #6 Hiver 1983


Yes, Jean Genet, the reformed thief who became one of France’s greatest literary marvels. Not in any way your average everyday gay, Genet had an enormously difficult time relating to other people. His most important lover, a French-Arab youth, ended a suicide, despite Genet’s efforts to create a career for him as a tightrope walker in an act he devised. (Nico Papatakis made a film about this unhappy affair.) Genet did, however, towards the end of his life, found love in the Palestinian refugee camps via a woman and her son. No not carnal love — the familial one he had never known. So overwhelmig was the experience Genet wrote a book about it, published posthumously. But while his masterpieces Our Lady of the Flowers, Miracle of the Rose, Funeral Rites and Querelle were published by Grove Press and made available in boostores far and wide, Prisoner of Love was put out by a University Press, not released widely and barely reviewed in the U.S. at all.


Israel spank, that’s why.

(Back to Scheer)

“To attribute Thomas’ views on Israel to her Lebanese parents is no less offensive than it would be to suggest that a Jewish reporter cannot be objective because, as in my case, his mother escaped anti-Semitism in Russia.”

Don;t worry, Mr. Scheer. Someone’s sure to call you a “latent anti-semite” regardless.
You know the rules. Criticizing Israel is Against the Law.

“Thomas’ fall from grace as a media icon began with her daring to criticize the abysmal coverage of the buildup to the Iraq war. How ironic that her opposition to the U.S. invasion is offered as an example of hostility to Israel when that war did so much to increase the power of Iran, Israel’s most significant enemy in the region. After all, Israel claims that the presumed military threat from Gaza is fueled by Iran, which enjoys much support in Shiite-led Iraq—previously governed by Tehran’s archenemy Saddam Hussein.”

Their archenemy. Our erstwhile “asset.”


“As someone who has long supported a two-state solution for the historically disputed land of Palestine, I have no trouble condemning Thomas’ ill-considered remarks that Israeli Jews should go back to the lands from where they came. I am opposed to denying legitimacy to desperate immigrants seeking a better life anywhere, be they in Arizona or the Middle East. What I don’t understand is why this basic respect for human rights doesn’t apply to the people who call themselves Palestinian and who are illegal immigrants not as a matter of birth but only in the political calculus of those who find their indigenous presence at best an inconvenience and at worst an insolvable threat. Why is it morally acceptable to deny Palestinians the right to full citizenship in their birthplace and instead insist, as Israel’s leaders often have, that they should be content to live under the flag of nations like Egypt, Syria and Jordan that have long oppressed them?”

Ask the editoiral board of the New York Times.

Go ahead. Ask them. I’ll wait.

“Nor is it relevant to lecture the Palestinians that the current rulers of Jordan might be more benign overlords than when they slaughtered Palestinians in the Black September days of 1970-71. Or that they should be comfortable under the rule of Egypt, whose leaders had previously governed Gaza so oppressively and now join in the cruel blockade of its economy. Demands that Palestinians surrender their national aspirations are no more valid than Thomas’ outburst calling for Jews to trust the modern governments of Poland and Germany.
What the Thomas affair allowed was the repeat incantation of the Holocaust as the excuse for punishing not the Europeans who committed those unspeakable crimes, but rather the Palestinians, who had nothing whatsoever to do with what remains as the greatest moral stain on the history of people claiming to be civilized. It was not Palestinians or Muslim fundamentalists who ran the crematoriums, but rather highly educated and mostly Christian Europeans.”

Now you’re getting down to brass tacks, Mr. Scheer. The Holocaust Card has been played over and over and over again.

It’s just so convienet. Israel = The Jews, you see. But isn’t it time somebody exposed that con for what it is? The Jewish people are a maulti-faceted entity with a long and complex history.

Israel is Israel. It is NOT The Jewish People — and it’s high time someone said so, blasphemous though that may be. The specifically porgrammed and utterly regimented genocide of the Third Reich is not the same as the wars going on between Israle and its neighbors. I say this as someone with no truck with suicide bombers.

And that’s why I have no truck with high seas piracy either.

“For that reason, one must support the right of Jews to live securely in the nation of Israel, the place they claim as their historical homeland. But not without consideration of the rights of their fellow Semites, the mostly non-Jewish Palestinians who happened to already be living there.”

Which as you well know Mr. Scheer is not allowed.

On that point the apology Thomas issued got it right: “I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians. They do not reflect my heartfelt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance.”

Helen shouldn’t have bothered.

“Now all that is left is for those in the media and government who have shown so little respect and tolerance for the Palestinian side of the dispute to offer some apologies for decades of indifference to, and often contempt for, those victims as well. “

Yeah like THATS’S about to happen.

“The Israeli government has apologized for sending the press a link to an online video parodying last week’s deadly commando raid on a flotilla of pro-Gaza activists.The video, which promptly went viral, has stirred up further outrage about the fallout from the raid, with some calling for the video’s apparent creator, a Jerusalem Post columnist, to be fired for spoofing the circumstances of an attack claiming nine fatalities.
The video shows people dressed up as Gaza activists, some in Arab-looking attire, singing “We Con the World” to the tune of the Michael Jackson hit “We Are the World” — with the “we” being the activists seeking to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza. Waving knives and batons, the faux-activists sing: “We’ll make the world abandon reason / We’ll make them believe that the Hamas is Momma Teresa,” and, “As Allah has shown us / For facts there’s no demand.” You can watch the video here:
The link had been “sent for our perusal” and “was not intended for general release,” Israel’s Government Press Office announced in its apology statement. “The contents of the video in no way represent the official policy of either the Government Press Office or of the State of Israel.”
Israel maintains that the activists initiated the violence, and its footage from the attack shows Gaza activists waving knives and using batons.”

Words fail.

But there IS a song for this.

Sing us out Tom