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Cue the Who

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Well that pretty much says it all. “Gone is the romance that was so divine,” goes the verse a Berlin named Irving wrote for his classic “What’ll I Do?”

And what will we do? The same as always in the “Land of the free” —



We have no power. We have no say. We aren’t persons at all. As The Supremes have quite recently spelled out only corporations merit that label, and the authority that goes with it.
Nope, nothing to see here. Keep moving.

Not that I ever really cared. Being gay and therefore Totally Outside The System thanks to my quasi-outlaw status, I’ve never felt part of it. Though being a graduate of Communist Martyrs High —

I’ve always had a soupcon of residual affection for The Cause

As for Barry, well whatever residual “Magic” he might have had has vanished like spit on a griddle.

Of course this won’t stop the unhinged

And isn’t it high time we faced the fact that “Feminism” is TOTAL FRAUD ? As the seemingly endless stream of Killer Cunts (Caribou Barbie, Meg “”Look at me cross-eyed and I’ll fucking deck you!” Whitman, Carly “Nothing on my mind but Nancy Pelosi’s hair” Fiorina has been proving on a daily basis there’s is nothing “Noble” or “sensitive” or “insightful” about vagina-owners. Many are infinitely worse than their male counterparts.


We’ve seen who’s been cheerleading the orgy of undisguised racism, and it hasn’t been “Sue Sylvester.”


Of course it was inevitable that the rational would try to “set the recornd straight”


But some sow’s ears can’t be turned into silk purses.

And so as always I keep my cool, refuse to vote (a meaningless exercise if there ever was one — wish I had the clip of Maureen Stapleston’s Emma Goldman explaining why in Reds ) and write for those who can actually read.

Gentlemen, start your engines.