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Well that was gay life in Cuba as Reinaldo Areinas knew it. Today that history is being rewritten.

Comandante, despite the enchantments of the Cuban Revolution, the acknowledgment of and solidarity with a great part of the intellectual universe, the great achievements of the people against the blockade, in short, everything – everything – went down the pipes as a result of the persecution against homosexuals in Cuba.
Fidel doesn’t shy away from the topic. He doesn’t deny nor reject the claim. He only asks for time to remember – he says – how and when prejudice took over the revolutionary ranks.
Five decades ago, based on homophobia, homosexuals were marginalized in Cuba and many were sent to agricultural-military labor camps accusing them of being “counterrevolutionaries.”
– Yes, he remembers, it was a time of great injustice – A great injustice! – he repeats emphatically – no matter who did it. If it was us who did it, us… I am trying to define my responsibility in all that because, of course, I don’t hold that type of prejudice.
It is known that among his oldest of friends, there are homosexuals.
– But then, how was that hatred against the ‘different’ established?
He believes all was the result of a spontaneous reaction in the revolutionary ranks, which came from tradition. In earlier Cuba blacks were not the only ones discriminated against; women were also discriminated and, of course, homosexuals…”

Meanwhile in darkest Republicanstan

And as we know that history is being rewritten too.

“There is a strong conservative case to be made in favor of gay marriage,” former McCain campaign manager and fellow same-sex marriage fundraiser Steve Schmidt told the Huffington Post on Tuesday. “Marriage is an institution that strengthens and stabilizes society. It is an institution that has the capacity to bring profound joy and happiness to people and it is a matter of equality and keeping faith of one of the charters of the nation, the right to live your life.
“More and more conservatives are saying that opposition to gay marriage would not be a litmus test for membership in the GOP,” Schmidt added. “And more conservatives are making the case that no more do you want big government conservatives in the bedroom than big government liberals telling you how to live your life.” “

Steve and Fidel: Two peas in the same pod. No reason to trust either of them for a nanosecond.
Yes, this is a declaration ofdefeat on their parts in a manner of speaking. But it’s easy to return to the scene of the crime once all the witnesses are dead.

Oh well. No worries. We have NPH to protect us.