Daily Archives: September 3, 2010

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Rachel’s takedown of this racist shitpile is (as is her wont) suavely on point. Still there’s one thing I’d like to return to in the “Money Quote” —

“My generation who went to integrated schools. I went to an integrated college—never thought twice about it. And it was the old Democrats who had fought for segregation so hard. By my time, people realized that was the past. It was indefensible, wasn‘t going to be that way anymore.”

It’s the “never thought twice about it” that sticks in one’s craw. Ever so remindful of the “Who cares?” of the homophobes, “never thought twice about it” serves the same purpose — to deny history by refusing to examine it as if doing so were unimportant. Needless to say it’s of overwhelming importance — especially now as racism continues in its’ new “post-racisl” form, in which the racist “plays the victim card.”

Consider this passage from today’s LAT profile of the president of the White Citizens Council:

“In 1986, Breitbart was a freshman at Tulane University when his friend Larry Solov, a sophomore at Stanford, happened to mention his school’s African-American-themed residence hall.

“He just matter-of-factly said there was a black dorm and I was like, ‘What the friggin’ hell? Are you kidding me?’” said Breitbart, who is now business partners with Solov, a former corporate litigator. “And then, when I found out that it was not segregation in the sense of white people doing it, I was like, ‘ What are you talking about? Why aren’t we working toward the colorblind ideal?’”

Well you obviously are, dear. For to be “colorblind” is to pretend not only that racism doesn’t exist any longer but that it never existed to begin with. In other words there’s little difference between Haley Babour and Lester Maddox Redux, save for the latter being an empty suit sans Don Draper’s charm.

Mr. Zimmerman will sing us out.