Daily Archives: September 11, 2010

Yes, I’m very slack…so shoot me (Jimi, not David).

FaBlog has (finally) been upgraded, and moved to WordPress version 3.0.1. This should fix any problems people may have had if they forgot their password and tried to obtain a new one. Fingers crossed the upgrade hasn’t introduced any new issues.

I should also point out that, while I’m very proud of the design of FaBlog, I do realise it is getting a bit long in the tooth and needs to be updated. The size of the fixed-width columns were suitable for when it was designed but that was back when 800×600 to 1024×768 screen resolution was still very much the norm. However, those days are long gone, and so I will endeavour to create (or at the very least, modify) a new FaBlog theme with flexible-width columns better suited to today’s larger monitors.