Daily Archives: September 21, 2010

Oh shut up you useless piece of shit! You know full well what the policy is. And so does your stupid daughter — who should have had you institutionalized years ago.

“Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” — a travesty that continues the military’s regime of terror against gay and lesbian soldiers while hiding behind the lie of kinder gentler treatment will continue. And the abysmally stupid gays and lesbians who wish to join an organization that loathes them in order to be trained to visit foreign and exotic lands, meet new and interesting people and then kill them, will continue as well. Why anyone — gay or straight — would want to be part of this is beyond me.

Likewise anyone who’d believe a slick grifter like Barry — who not only promised the end of DADT without ever intending to follow through on it, but also claimed to support for ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act) which would affect infinitely larger numbers of people’s lives. That one (currently languishing on innumerable desks) will NEVER reach the senate floor.

Meanwhile the war against the LGBT communities goes on — often as not with elected politicians as our chief adversaries.

So what is there to be done? PLENTY!

Thanks Dan, Terry and d.j. — you give as all hope.

Ryuichi Sakamoto’s ex-wife will sing us out with a masterpiece by one of America’s greatest gay songwriters, Stephen Foster.