Fait Diver: Corpse-Kicking 101

Well now it looks like the Perps — or more to the point their lawyers — are finally “releasing a statement.”

“The two Rutgers University students accused of secretly filming Tyler Clementi in his dorm room just days before he leaped to his death, have broken their silence to insist they did not bully Clementi.”

Oh really?

“A lawyer for 18-year-old Dharun Ravi, who was roommates with Clementi, issued a statement urging the public not to “rush to charges” against his client.”

Oh there’s no rush at all. TONS of time before the trial to carefully consider these lower life-forms and the parental units that spawned them.

“Unfortunately, a life has been lost,” said attorney Steven Altman in the statement. “Out of respect to Tyler Clementi’s family, this is not the time for explanations of defenses or justifications to be made public by an attorney.”

Translation: “We no defense.”

“In regards to statements made by the prosecuting agencies of their continuing investigation and whether to file bias charges against Dharun Ravi, I am heartened to hear that they are taking their time to learn all the facts before rushing to judgment. I can only hope that the public will do the same,” wrote Altman. “I am confident that nothing will be learned to justify, warrant or support the filing of any bias criminal complaint.”

Sez you.

“Both Ravi and his alleged accomplice, fellow Rutgers freshman Molly Wei, face several privacy invasion charges after allegedly surreptitiously filming Clementi during a “sexual encounter” in his dorm room with a man and then streaming it live on the Internet. If convicted, Ravi and Wei could each face five years in prison.”

Followed by a lifetime of personal suffering one hopes.

“In the days since Clementi’s body was retrieved from New York’s Hudson River, the office of Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan has said it was exploring whether to bring more serious charges charges against Ravi and Wei.
A spokesman for Kaplan said that an investigation into whether bias or hate crime charges could be brought against Ravi and Wei was still on going.
And at a news conference earlier this week, Kaplan said, “We need to determine the facts and then determine what the applicable law is.”
Wei’s attorney released a statement insisting on his client’s innocence.
“This is a tragic situation. But this tragedy has also unfairly led to rampant speculation and misinformation, which threaten to overwhelm the actual facts of the matter,” said attorney William Fisher. “Those true facts will reveal that Molly Wei is innocent. Molly committed no crime. Her remarkable reputation is being unjustly tarnished by uninformed and incorrect assumptions.” “

“Tragic” is absolutely classic lawyerese. It turns a crime with an obvious perp into a mere “accident” or “natural occurence” for which no one is responsible — like be a tornado or a tsunami.

“Fisher added that Wei is a “wonderful, caring and talented young woman with a bright future” who has been “maligned by unfounded attacks on her character.” “

She’s an evil cunt whose future is thankfully over.

“A talented violinist, Clementi grew up in the New Jersey suburb of Ridgewood, where friends who knew him reeled from his sudden death.
Messages on social networking sites left by Ravi suggest that he may have had an aversion to Clementi’s sexuality from the start of their freshman year just one month ago.
Ravi tweeted on Aug. 22, “Found out my roommate is gay,” according to Forbes.com, and then posted a link to a gay men’s website where Ravi said Clementi had placed posts.
Gawker reported it was that same website, JustUsBoys, that Clementi was believed to have turned to once he found out that Ravi had secretly filmed Clementi’s sexual encounter with another man.
“So my question is what is next,” the posted cti2mo, believed to be Clementi, wrote on Sept. 21. “I could just be more careful next time … make sure to turn the cam away.”
And then, in the same post, “I’m kind pissed at him (rightfully so I think, no?)”
Since Clementi’s death, a message reading “in loving memory” appears next to the handle “cit2mo.” “

Next is this editorial pubished in the campus paper The Daily Targum:

“The death of University student Tyler Clementi might have been properly mourned if it were not for the massive rallies and aggressive news coverage that altered the nature of the situation.”

“Properly mourned”? You mean to say there are “proper” and “unproper” expressions of collective grief?

“The truth is that an 18-year-old boy killed himself – he was a student just like the rest of us, someone just trying to receive an education. Yet people’s relentless agendas took his death and turned it into a cause based on false pretenses.”

No he wasn’t “like the rest of us.” He was gay — and targeted for being so. Your mention of an “agenda” — obvious the gay one — indicates you’re a “Conservative” much like Dartmouth’s Laura Ingraham no doubt.

“A crowd of more than 20 people ended up lying outside the entrance of the Rutgers Student Center on the College Avenue campus the first night of the news breaking. The chants were, “We’re here. We’re queer. We want safety in our homes.” The mistake was that Clementi’s death should not have been turned into a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender protest for gay rights and safe spaces at the University. Robert O’Brien, Department of Anthropology assistant instructor, led the rally as he chanted, “Not safe in dorms, not safe at Rutgers.” Essentially, an angry mob fending for their rights turned the death of a young boy into a cause for “safe spaces” for gays across the University – all the while, these spaces already existed.”

You mean there are “Safe Webcams”?


“We have groups across campus that deal with students’ psychological difficulties – 17 Seconds is one that deals with suicides – as well as groups that address their sexual orientation. We have these spaces, and the University community is diverse enough to provide students with whatever it is they need.”

I’m sure the perps have psychological difficultues.

Oh, you weren’t talking about them now were you?

“The focal point of Clementi’s tragic death should have been a boy’s inability to deal with the hardships of life. And yet the news and certain organizations picked this up and carried it into the ranks of general causes for major social groups – for their profit.”

Ah yes. Homophobes who secretly tape you having sex with another man and then broadcast that tape on the ‘net are just part of the “hardhips of life.” Those who oppose them are just out for profit.

” Did Tyler really feel unsafe after all? Do we know the reason behind his suicide? Do we know if he, himself, would take part in the movement behind his death – the push for safe spaces?”

A Big Fat “Well DUH!!!!” to all three rhetorical questions.

“It is disappointing that everyone from news to celebrities picked up the story. Actress Brittany Snow and actor Neil Patrick-Harris are just two of the many celebrities belittling Clementi’s death – forcing his remembrance into a cause rather than a proper mourning.”

Oh now we see what “proper mourning” is all about. His de facto murderers must never be mentioned.

“We did not know Tyler.”

Oh sure you did. He was a fag. You hate fags. You’re quite glad he’s dead. And wish thesame for others like him.

“It was barely three weeks into his first year at the University, and most of his neighbors in his residence hall barely knew him.”

They knew enough that he asked to be moved the fuck out of there.

“Turning his death into a push for gay rights is a fallacy. Homosexuality is not the only reason for which people kill themselves.”


” In this case, it might have pushed Clementi over the edge, but the fact that he was gay should by no means turn his death into a march for safe spaces.”

Yeah, let’s keep those space unsafe.

” These groups want to be heard. They want the attention. They want their agendas to shine in the limelight.
Instead, we should address that the signs of a suicidal 18-year-old kid were unseen and went unnoticed, not “We want safety in our homes.” “

Oh yeah. that’s tellin’ ‘em. Enough of this —

Not to mention THIS–

“We have the safety, or as much of it as we together as a University community can in today’s world. What we need is to notice those of us who need help and help them. Entertainers stay away. O’Brien leave the issue alone. Let us – family, friends and the University together – mourn for Clementi, and just for him, rather than using him as a martyr for a cause that has yet to be proven.”

Sing us out kids.


  1. Timbo1952 October 8, 2010 5:20 pm 

    That was and is the biggest wad of drivel ever written; it is worthy of note that the piece of crap who wrote it continues to hide behind editorial anonymity. What a load! The problem isnt being humiliated by a hostile bullying homophobic asshole; he was just too sensitive and tender to bear it. Another form of bigotry against gay people. It is too obvious but if the shoe was on the other foot; a young heterosexual male kills himself because his gay roommate broadcast sexual activity to the world at large, for the amusement of gay friends; it would lead to hetero Armegeddon. Everybody in the world, including this simpleton editorial writer would be up in arms about privacy etc. etc. Because of the sexual identity of this talented young man, it is of less significance. It is not worthy of the world at larges concern. Let the academic community grieve its own. Bullshit.

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