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Well now, isn’t that special? “I don’t know what I would do yet. Time will tell.”

Oh we know perfectly well what you’d do, Clint. And we know perfectly well that A.C. 360 won’t do a 180 and Come The Fuck Out!

Can you imagine what this news story would have been like had A.C. said to him “You realize you’re talking to a gay person, don’t you?”

But of curse he didn’t.

And we all know why.

Further FAIL proceeds from A.C’s inability to follow up on Clint’s claim that his words were “Too strong.”

What would have been the “appropriate strength”?

Meanwhile in other Suicide News —


“RUTGERS — Two Rutgers students charged with
invasion of privacy for the alleged use of a webcam
to broadcast an intimate encounter between fellow
freshman Tyler Clementi and another man days
before Clementi’s suicide have withdrawn from the
university, an attorney for one of the students said.”


“Steven Altman of New Brunswick, the attorney for
Dharun Ravi, Clementi’s roommate, said the
withdrawals of Ravi of Plainsboro and his co-
defendant Molly Wei of Princeton, both 18, mean
neither face university disciplinary hearings.

“They were given the option of withdrawing and they
can reapply,” Altman said. “Realistically, they
couldn’t go back no matter what. He definitely plans
to go somewhere else.” “

I’m sure we can all tell them precisely where to go.

“Altman said both students withdrew earlier this
month, but he did not have an exact date.
He was unable to comment on what Ravi has been
doing since removing himself from school.”

Water-skiing? LaCrosse? Stem-cell research?

“Withdrawal was raised as a possibility by university
officials during phone conversations in early
October, Altman said.
In the wake of Clementi’s suicide, people within and
outside the university called for Ravi and Wei’s
immediate expulsion. Neither student was
suspended, Altman said.
E.J. Miranda, spokesman for the university, declined
to discuss Ravi and Wei, citing federal privacy laws.
Wei’s attorney, Rubin Sinins of Newark, did not
return messages left Thursday. Sinins previously
released a statement saying the first-year pharmacy
student was innocent.
“Molly committed no crime. Her remarkable
reputation is being unjustly tarnished by
uninformed and incorrect assumptions,” that
statement read.”

It’s not the “assumptions” that are at issue — it’s the results.

“After learning that the images were posted, Clementi
jumped to his death from the George Washington
Bridge on Sept. 22. The Middlesex County
Prosecutor’s Office said it is investigating the
possibility of bias crime charges against Ravi and
Wei. The investigation is continuing, said Jim
O’Neill, spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office.
“If Rutgers asked Mr. Ravi and Ms. Wei to withdraw,
that seems like an entirely appropriate request,” he

Thus sparing the University of having to kick their scuzzy asses out.

“On Wednesday night, however, a group of about two
dozen students community held a rally at Brower
Commons on College Avenue criticizing what a
spokesperson called “a rush to judgment” in the
swift condemnation of Ravi and Wei.

“There were people calling for them to be expelled.
There were people who wanted manslaughter
charges,” said Lauren Felton, a senior from Warren.
“A lot of the details are not known yet.”

“While we do not condone the actions that Ravi and
Wei are alleged to have taken, neither can we stand
aside and watch the Rutgers community lay the
entire blame on two 18-year-olds,” according to a
statement by the group “Queering the Air” that
organized the rally.”

Who are these KAPOS? Republicans, no doubt.

Connected to GOProud I’ll wager.

“The group also condemned comments made on
several websites that mentioned the two students’
Asian background and posted messages that urged
the two to “return to their countries,” according to

Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?

“We are against the crucifixion of two individuals for
the sins of the larger society,” said Robert O’Brien,
an anthropology instructor and one of the leaders
of Queering the Air.”

“Crucifixtion”? Oh Prunella! No one has so much as mussed a hair on your pampered little heads.

“According to Felton, the group, and other
organizations on campus that represent gay,
lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, have
“re-claimed” the word queer, once considered an
offensive slur.”

Oh really? Queer Nation never happened?

“Among the chants led by O’Brien Wednesday night
were, “Queer liberation. Human liberation. It’s all
one struggle.”

In a press release, the group condemned Garden
State Equality, an advocacy group that demanded
Ravi and Wei be charged with hate crimes and
receive “the maximum possible sentence.”

Goldstein, the director of Garden State Equality, the
largest advocacy organization in the state for gays
and lesbians, called Queering the Air a “radical
fringe group.” “

Radical Right.

“They stand with (Ravi and Wei). We stand with Tyler
Clementi,” said Goldstein


“While the students chanted on one side of College
Avenue, three self-described “street preachers”
preached loudly to students waiting at the bus stop
in front of the gymnasium.

“You say you were born homosexuals, you need to
be born again,” said Robert Parker of Old Bridge.
“Education without salvation is damnation.” Parker
later went across the street and preached similar
messages while members of Queering the Air
continued to chant.”

Croak us out Tom !