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Surely the human papilloma virus is not in dispute

“Lynchburg, VA – At this week’s Lynchburg City Council meeting, Mayor Joan Foster announced the Day of Purity Proclamation. As the first city to sign in support of the Day of Purity, Lynchburg joins nearly a thousand schools and organizations across the nation that have supported the Day of Purity. Liberty Counsel is launching preparations now for the eighth annual nationwide campaign on February 14, 2011. This effort mobilizes youth across the nation to publicly celebrate sexual abstinence until marriage for emotional, mental, and physical reasons.
Teen virgins can expect an income that, on average, is 16 percent higher than sexually active teens from identical socioeconomic backgrounds, which a Heritage Foundation study indicates is an average increased salary of $370,000 over their lifetime. More than 6 million people are infected each year with the human papilloma virus (HPV), which causes the death of an average of 3,700 women annually in the U.S. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease and is the most common cause of cervical cancer. With more than 3 million American teenagers infected each year with sexually transmitted diseases, the only safe choice is sexual purity.
Each year thousands of youth from across the nation participate in the Day of Purity in their schools, in their youth groups, and in other public locations. The event focuses on celebrating each personal victory and commitment to be abstinent until marriage and faithful within marriage. Youth may sign a pledge card on the Day of Purity website and may order purity wristbands. Some people wear white shirts and others pass out educational fliers to their peers or host a Father-Daughter event.
Amber Haskew, Coordinator for the Day of Purity, commented, “The Day of Purity provides a unique platform to celebrate purity and encourage others to take a stand. It is an opportunity for families, friends, and community voices to show leadership by educating the youth about the heartache surrounding the tragedy of sexual promiscuity. It’s time for a positive change in our culture.”
Day of Purity.org offers a planning manual, purity wristbands, T-shirts, informative flyers, and other resources. Join the Facebook Group and FanPage, and follow DoPurity on Twitter, or the Freedom Federation group called Day of Purity. The Day of Purity Headquarters is looking for volunteers nationwide to help get this positive message out by working to reach out to churches and organizations in all 50 states. If you are interested in volunteering for the DOP or want to designate your school or church as a participant, email dayofpurity@lc.org.”

And so, what is to be done in Lynchburg come Valentine’s Day?

The Beatles have the answer.

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