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Caribou Barbie Reloads

And speaking of She Who Must Not Be Named, a few carefully chosen words from the REAL victim in all of this.

Sarah Palin: “America’s Enduring Strength” from Sarah Palin on Vimeo.

See how it works when you’ve got top-flight handlers? Just mix your usual blather with the right amount of sweetening — and smile pretty.

“Our exceptional country.”

Most exceptional for the number of weapons its citizens carry and use at the slightest provocation — real or imagined.

“Maps of swing districts used by both sides of the aisle.”

Well we’ve seen the one from your side of the aisle.


Is there a “Democrat” equivalent, complete with gun sites?

“Journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel.”

Gee whiz, you don’t look Jewish. Who knew? Certainly not any Jews of note.

In fact they’re more than a tad upset.

Don’t worry, dear. You’re not going to end like this —


“Our imperfect passions.”

Hey, Levi had nothing to do with this!

“seek to muzzle dissent with shrill cries”

Do they look “shrill”?

“our sacred charter of liberty.”

Not nearly enough has been made of the fact that the Tea-guzzlers believe the U.S. Constitution was written by Our Founding Fathers on express orders from the Big Invisible Bi-Polar Daddy Who Lives in The Sky

“In times like these we need God’s guidance.”

In times like these we all need a good stiff drink.

Meanwhile. . .

“The parents of Jared Lee Loughner, accused of shooting Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 19 other people, were huddled in seclusion in their Tucson home Monday night, his father crying and his mother so shaken she could not get out of bed, a neighbor told The Times.
As the sun was beginning to set Monday, Randy Loughner called his neighbor, retired gasoline truck driver Wayne Smith, 70, to ask him to get their mail. Smith, who is not particularly close to the Loughners, grabbed the mail and was invited inside.
“They’re in there now,” Smith said in a subsequent interview with The Times. “They’re both in there crying. He’s crying and hanging on to me and she’s not even out of bed.” “

Apparently someone got them a hankie.

“The family of Tucson shooting suspect Jared Loughner handed out a written statement to reporters standing in front of their home late Tuesday afternoon. A man, who appeared to be a representative of the family, walked out of the home and provided this statement, which reads:

‘This is a very difficult time for us. We ask the media to respect our privacy. There are no words that can possibly express how we feel. We wish that there were, so we could make you feel better. We don’t understand why this happened. It may not make any difference, but we wish that we could change the heinous events Saturday. We care very deeply about the victims and their families. We are so very sorry for their loss.
Thank you, the Loughner Family’

The man who passed out the statement did not answer any questions.”

How Palinesque. She doesn’t answer any questions either.

I’ve only one thing to say to the Loughner’s and Little Ms. Reload —

Cue Joe Cocker