“I’m Always Chasing Rimbauds”

– Dorothy Parker famously quipped.

Apparently a significant portion of the student body of Harding University are caught up in the same chase, leading its president, David B. Burks, to offer the following —

“I think it’s important for you to know we’re not trying to control your thinking on this matter,” he says — as if anyone were expecting a Fundie like him him to remain silent.

“I personally found the website to be offensive and degrading,” he goes on. “While many postings were sincere and heartfelt several were vulgar and profane by anybody’s standards”

Really? Well here they are.

I certainly don’t find them “vulgar and profane.” But of course being a BIG OL’ GAY HOMOSEXUAL for the better part of my 64 years my “standards” may be a tad different than Mr. Burks.

Though to judge from the cutie seated just behind him our taste in men may be quite similar.

“Harding holds to the principle that sexual relationships are unacceptable to God outside of the context of marriage.”

Here, let Mrs. Betty Bowers explain it all to you.

Back to Pastor Burk’s Defensive-O-Rama.

“You can see from this statement [regarding the University’ hatred of sex in any non-heterosexually married form] that homosexual behavior is not specifically targeted>” He then goes on to do just that , citing Romans 1 and First Corinthians 6 to show that —


Though Burks is of course far to “tasteful” to be as blunt as Fred Phelps. He’s just as in thrall to the collection of fairy tales and psychotic blogs known as “The Bible” however, degrying the notion that it consists of “The bigoted writing of ancient men who were seeking to exert power over others for their own advantage.” And that of course is precisely what it is.

Religion is entirely devoted to the worship of death and the denial of sexual pleasure codified into a Ponzi scheme wedding financial gain (theirs) to totalitarian power (over us.) What the students of Harding University need are directions to the door marked “Exit.” And for those poor beleagured Hardingites who just can’t bring themselves get a fucking clue, here’s Judy.