Daily Archives: April 19, 2011

Tucker Untucked

Good grief! I haven’t seen Bowtie-Boy


this upset in years !

And whodathunkit — Trotsky was gay?

Tucker, you’re not the first “Heterosexual” to find himself having Strange Twilight Urges over Alain Delon. But let’s get reasonable shall we?

Oh I forget. Reason isn’t Tucker’s strong suit.

See? Beneath the bowtie he’s a Two-Fisted Man of Action !

But then so is Brad Goreski


Brad, of course, isn’t troubled by Tea Rooms. And while scarcely a scholar I’m sure he knows who Leon Trotsky was — and wasn’t.

As for teaching Teh Ghey in history class, we’ll soon have tons of help on that score from Larry Kramer.


Larry is of course a very busy man. A Broadway revival of his classic The Normal Heart is starting previews tonight. And a movie version directed by Ryan Murphy starring the lovely Mark Ruffalo is in the works.


So who to teach Gay History?

Take it away Bernadette!