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I’m perfectly serious.

But we’ll get to that in a moment because first we’ve got to deal with what the “perfectly serious” claim ought to be taken perfectly seriously.

From Alaska to Arizona — Could Sarah Palin Be Relocating?: MyFoxPHOENIX.com

Hmm. Nice property. Rather remindful of


whose interior looked like —

But that’s Abbottabad Pakistan. Caribou Barbie’s place is in Scottsdale Arizona — whose most famous current resident is Barbara Harris


She hasn’t made a picture in years — and is planning to move out of Scottsdale. But a movie’s being planned for Caribou Barbie.

“A feature-film-length documentary on Sarah Palin’s political career will debut in Iowa next month, reviving speculation that the former Alaska governor could jump into the 2012 presidential race after all.

According to the political news website RealClearPolitics, which broke the story, Palin approached conservative filmmaker Stephen Bannon to commission a series of documentaries about her rise to power in Alaska. Bannon, the story said, went one step further, saying he would instead produce a feature film, one that presents Palin in a highly favorable light, and finance it himself to the tune of $1 million.

Palin has seemed disinterested in a presidential run and has done little to build a national network or chase donors. But the film — and the choice of an Iowa premiere — appears to be a concerted effort to reinject herself into the mix, as well as an attempt to refurbish her sinking political reputation.”

Would make for a great double-feature with

THE great political film has of course already been made

Sing us out Barbara