Gore Wheels On (Fire)


I haven’t seen Gore Vidal around town in several years, consequently I’ve been a tad worried. Silly me — Gore Vidal is TOO MEAN TO DIE!

As this appearance he made last month at McGill University demonstrates he’s still got it. The question, as usual, is whether or not we can take it.

Besides his one-word contribution to the “It Gets Better” campaign I’m especially enchanted by his account of Benjamin Franklin’s encounters with the press back in the day, and the fact that our “Founding Fathers” mounted an invasion of Canada in the hopes of overthrowing it twice. Thankfully we failed boht times. I daresay a failure to put alongside our defeat in Vietnam. And like Vietnam, you won’t find this taught in out schools. As Gore notes we’re a nation of psychopathic busybodies (my words, not his though I suspect he’ll agree) longing to go to war at the drop of the proverbial hat.

Gore has done his best to warn and admonish us, but as usual we paid no more attention to him when he was walking upright than we do now when he’s wheelchair bound. We have, however, bought his books. If you haven’t read Burr, Creation, Myra Brekinridge, Myron (it’s great sequel), Kalki (the best book ever written about the obsession with Death that is the cornerstone of all religions) or The Smithsonian Insititution (shamelessly ripped off in the A Night At The Museum movies) , drop everythnig and do so. That you should also read any volume of his collected essays you can get your hands on goes without saying.

To keep overall tabs on the old reprobate be sure to go to his websites Here and Here.

Gore has of course written more than his literary share. But with Warren Beatty making plans for another movie, I’d love another Gore Vidal novel if at all possible. How about it Eugene?

Harold will sing us out

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