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Fait Diver: The Last Page


Aren’t they lovely?

Well they’re DONE.

“It says something about the severity of the times that a nearly 200-year-old government program with powerful friends inside Congress and a cost of only about $5 million a year cannot survive this moment of fiscal crisis.
But as of Aug. 31 2011, the House Page Program is history, the latest victim of the austerity tide that has swept Washington.”


Now what’s a Congressional Representative to do when he gets. . . .lonely ?

“Despite all the nostalgia, the storied program has had its share of scandal. In 1983, there was the revelation that Reps. Gerry Studds (D-Mass.)


(Gerry’s the one on the left.)

and Dan Crane (R-Ill.), had had sexual relationships with pages; Crane lost his reelection bid while Studds, who had had an affair with a male page, continued to serve for 15 more years.”

Curiously the loser had an affair with a female page.

“In 2006, there was the Mark Foley scandal, which saw the six-term Florida Republican resign in the wake of allegations that he had for years sent explicit messages to male pages.”


(That’s Mark on the right)

And here are the transcripts!

Oh Mark, we know what you want. It’s what they all want. Right Jonny?