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Surely the facts are just beginning to come to light.

“A firebrand educator with ties to a white supremacist group is running a Bronx Catholic school where most of the students are black and Latino, the Daily News has learned.
Frank Borzellieri, 48, was quietly promoted to principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School two years ago – despite a history of controversial writings and campaigns, including a push to ban a biography on the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.”

Can’t have that Uppitty Nigger as a role model.

“In 2004, Borzellieri wrote the book Don’t Take It Personally: Race, Immigration, Crime and Other Heresies, in which he declares “diversity is a weakness” and says the rising black and Hispanic populations in America will lead to the “New Dark Age.”
He has also written frequently for the white supremacist publication American Renaissance, with which he is still “intimately involved,” the non-profit Southern Poverty Law Center says.”

I’m sure Pam Geller and the Pattericans have it displayed prominently on their bookshelves.

“Borzellieri declined comment.”

Haveing said everything as it were.

“Mount Carmel pastor, the Rev. Eric Rapaglia, said he knew of Borzellieri’s views, but didn’t “see any cause for concern” when he hired him to run the 200-student elementary school.
“I knew of him from my last parish,” he said. “Do I agree with all of it? No. But I think much of it is valuable and logical and reasonable.
“A lot of his ideas would actually benefit minorities,” he added.”



“Borzellieri, who unsuccessfully ran for state Assembly in 1994 and City Council in 1997, previously made headlines as a school board member in District 24 in Queens, where he lives.
During his board tenure, from 1993 to 2002, he tried to:
Ban literature he labeled “anti-American” from school libraries. His targets included books on different races and culture, and a biography of King.
Remove an openly gay teacher and gay-rights activist from the classroom at Public School 199 in Sunnyside, and ban school employees from making any references to homosexuality.”

Meaning, of course, he’s a closet queen who hires black hustlers to fuck him.

“Introduce a resolution calling for students to be taught that U.S. culture is superior.
Borzellieri’s views rankled teachers at St. Barnabas School in Woodlawn, Bronx, where he taught English from 2006 to 2009.
“You can’t have someone with those beliefs or who writes that kind of stuff working at a Catholic school,” said Annemarie Zagaglia, principal of St. Barnabas School during Borzellieri’s time there.”

Ya think? After all Pope Ratzi


began his career with Hitler Youth


“When Rapaglia was the pastor of St. Barnabas, Zagaglia warned him that teachers had legitimate concerns about Borzellieri. She said Rapaglia “dismissed the whole thing, and that was the end of that.”
Rapaglia became pastor of Mount Carmel – in Fordham, Bronx – in 2009 and hired Borzellieri as principal that year.
A former teacher at St. Barnabas said she alerted the Archdiocese of New York in 2007 that students had complained Borzellieri was using them as “research” for his books, but the teacher never got a response.”

“Research”? One can just imagine. Ad they were obviously threatened if they blabbed.

“Archdiocese spokesman Joe Zwilling said there is no record of a complaint against Borzellieri, but said the matter is under review.”

IOW filed away somewhere suitably remote.

“Zwilling added that sweeping changes in hiring parish principals went into effect in 2009 – right after Borzellieri got the gig.
“Previously, pastors had great leeway and discretion in the hiring of principals,” Zwilling said. “That practice usually worked well, but we saw room for improvement.”
Parents of students at Mount Carmel voiced concern after the Daily News informed them of Borzellieri’s past.
“I’ve heard kids say they don’t like him,” said one mother, a Jamaican immigrant. “I was wondering where the heck he came from. He shouldn’t be teaching here. He could look at kids differently because they’re black. It’s not fair.”

Like he gives a shit about “fair.”

But wait — THERE’S MORE!

“Shock over an outspoken Catholic school principal’s ties to a white supremacist group turned ugly during Sunday Mass at a Bronx church.
Cops were called to Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Fordham after a church-goer interrupted the service to call for the removal of Frank Borzellieri as principal of the parish school.
“I wanted them to feel my sense of outrage that he was brought into the community to teach,” said Juan Varela, 54, who was arrested yesterday on disorderly conduct and weapons possession charges and spent seven hours in police custody.”

When the church says “Jump!” the police say “How High?”


“Varela, who is Catholic but lives in Queens, said he sat in a pew during the 10 a.m. Mass. At one point he stood up, walked to the altar, faced parishioners and began railing against Borzellieri.
“This church hired a racist. This church does not like Hispanics and blacks,” one police source quoted Varela as saying.
Cops said he initially refused to leave, but finally complied. He said he was kicked from behind by ushers at the back of the church as he tried to exit.”

Our Lady of Mount Carmel loves to get its kicks!

“He was picked up by police about two blocks away. Varela was charged with criminal possession of a weapon – a knife – and disorderly conduct, cops said.”

Being that the polic are overwhelmingly Catholic they’re pretty much run by the church. That’s why they got away with child molestation for so long — and that’s why they hels Mr. Varela on a trumpted-up charge.

“The News revealed Sunday that Borzellieri, 48, was quietly hired two years ago as principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School despite his controversial writings. In his 2004 book – “Don’t Take it Personally: Race, Immigration, Crime and Other Heresies” – Borzellieri declared “diversity is a weakness” and that America’s rising black and Hispanic populations will lead to a “New Dark Age.” He has also written for the white supremacist publication American Renaissance.
As a city school board member representing District 24 in Queens from 1993 to 2002, Borzellieri tried to ban literature he labeled “anti-American” from school libraries. One of the books he targeted was an biography on the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
He also introduced a resolution calling for students to be taught that U.S. culture is superior, and he advocated the removal of an openly gay teacher from the classroom at Public School 199 in Sunnyside.”

Love the “quietly,” don’t you?

Well now they’ve got noise. And they’ll doubtless get more until Borzellieri gets the swift kick out the door that he so richly deserves.

Meanwhile, amidst all this ugliness, let’s take our cue from Bing and Bette.