Raul Ruiz Has Left The Building


And so as it must to all men . . . but why get all Citizen Kane about it? The simple fact is a very great filmmaker is dead.

Here’s a nice interview Tony Scott did with him quite recently.

Here’s his filmography (sadly complete at last.)

Here’s a link to “Amazon” where you can purchase a copy of my book Film: The Front Line –1984 a chapter of which is devoted to Ruiz.

And here (in seven parts) is one of his greatest films L’Hypothese du tableau vole

Less an adaptation than what the surrealists would call an “irrational expansion” of Pierre Klossowski’s The Baphomet it concerns the Knights Templar — so much in the news these days thansk to Pam Gellar’s mass-murdering Norweigian friend.
It’s also notable as it marks the film debut of Jean Reno — playing a Templar Knight who was one of his own ancestors.

Let us end with the last scene of a film you’ll doubtless find familiar — also featuring Jean Rougeul

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