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Those nicely observant folks at Think Progress have taken note of the fact that in his 2008 book On My Honor Ricky writes–

“Though I am no expert on the ‘nature vs. nurture’ debate, I can sympathize with those who believe sexual preference is genetic. It may be so but it remains unproved.”

Like all Republicans, Rickey’s baroque hostility to science and rationality is well known.

“Even if it were this does not mean we are ultimately not responsible for the active choices we make. Even if an alcoholic is powerless over alcohol once it enters his body, he still makes a choice to drink it. And even if a person is attracted to someone of the same sex he or she still makes a choice to engage in sexual activity.”

IOW a penis is just like a bottle of Stoli. Which do you prefer, Ricky?

“A loving tolerant view of those who have a different sexual preference is the ideal position — both for the heterosexual and the homosexual . I do not believe in condemning homosexuals I know personally.”

Only those he doesn’t.

“I believe in valuing their lives like others, as our God in heaven does. Tolerance, however, should not only be asked of the proponents of traditional values.”

And LGBT intolerance consist of . . .what?

“The radical homosexual movement seeks societal normalization of their sexual activity. I respect their right to engage in the individual behavior of their choosing, but they must respect the right of millions in society to refuse to normalize their behavior.”

No you don’t respect our rights at all. You want us silenced. Cause when we speak we talk about you.

“The issue as it applies to scouting is not so much the gay scoutmaster who keeps his consensual sexual activity confined to the bedroom, but the agenda of radical gay rights groups who want to throw their sexual activity into the face of society, despite the decision by millions of families not to teach the gay lifestyle as an acceptable alternative.”

It’s not a lifestyleit’s a life. And it’s you and your kind who consider our existence an “alternative.” We don’t. It’s our life. It doesn’t “alternate” wioth yours it co-exists with it — as much as that thought enrages you.

As for scouting well let’s take a look at its inventor.


“Early discussion of Baden-Powell’s sexuality focused on his relationship with his close friend Kenneth McLaren. Tim Jeal’s later biography discusses the relationship and concludes that there is no conclusive evidence that this friendship was physical Jeal then examines Baden-Powell’s views on women, his appreciation of the male form, his military relationships and his marriage, indicating that Baden-Powell could be a repressed homosexual.Jeal’s conclusion is shared by some biographers and disputed by others, but not yet examined in any detail by scholars”

IOW, Robert and Kenneth were just like these dudes.


As for Ricky I take the On My Honor passage as an admission that he fucks Boy Scouts.


Tom Lehrer will sing us out.