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As I trust you’ve heard, Dick Cheney has written a book.


Nice cover — though this would be more appropriate.


In any event, Darth Cheney’s efforts to transform himself into Henry Kissinger 2.0 have run into a bit of a snag.

As Pravda puts it —

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell took issue with former vice president Dick Cheney’s criticism of him while both served in the Bush White House, calling some of Cheney’s comments “nonsense.”
During an appearance on CBS’ ”Face the Nation” on Sunday, Powell said Cheney’s remark this week that his book would cause “heads to explode” in Washington wasn’t worthy of a former vice president but of a supermarket tabloid.
“My head isn’t exploding. I haven’t noticed any other heads exploding in Washington,” Powell said. “From what I’ve read in the newspapers and seen on television it’s essentially a rehash of events of seven or eight years ago.”

No Colin, your head isn’t exploding. Though some may turn red thanks to your admission that you were lying to the United Nations.

Should heads explode it might look something like this.

But when it comes to Republicans why stop at heads?

Are we men or mice?

Good question.

Sing us out Vera