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Student Suspended for Saying Gay Is Wrong: MyFoxDFW.com

Poor Persecuted Little Lamb!


Praise Jebus He Has Good Christian Lawyers!

“Dakota Ary, a 14-year-old high school freshman and honor student from Fort Worth, Texas, found himself in the national spotlight this week after he was given a three-day suspension from school “


“for making an anti-homosexual comment in his German class.
With the help of a lawyer from Liberty Counsel, Ary’s suspension was reduced to just one day of in-school suspension, and the school district has said no mark will be made on his permanent record, Reuters reports.
(Of course media attention ensures that the whole event will be on Ary’s permanent Google record, but we digress.)”

Oh Let’s Digress!

“Ary’s lawyer, Matthew Krause, said the suspension was unjustified and that Ary is entitled to express his opinion on homosexuality in school.
“Just because you walk through the schoolhouse doors does not mean you shed your 1st Amendment rights,” Krause said in a statement. “Dakota wasn’t disrupting class. He wasn’t bullying or harassing anybody. He was just stating his personal opinion on a topic somebody brought up and in a civil and respectful manner.”
“He was stating an opinion and he has a right to do that and they punished him for that,” said Holly Pope, Ary’s mother, in a television interview.”


Is that so?

“It all began in Ary’s German class, where the teacher was leading the students in a discussion about religion in Germany.”

Cue my favorite waltz!

“According to a statement from Liberty Counsel, a conservative nonprofit group that provides pro-bono legal assistance, one student asked what Germans thought about homosexuality in relation to religion. Another student asked to hear the German translation of “lesbian.”
That’s when Ary turned to a friend and said, “I’m a Christian and, to me, being homosexual is wrong,” the teenager said in a television interview on Fox News earlier this week.
“It wasn’t directed to anyone except my friend who was sitting behind me,” he said. “I guess [the teacher] heard me and started to yell about it.”
After a meeting Wednesday with Krause and Pope, the school district agreed to shorten Ary’s suspension and allow him to play in a football game that week.
“They’ve righted all the wrongs,” Krause told Fox News. “This should have no lasting effect on his academic or personal record going forward.”

This will, needless to say, be red meat to Margaret Srivastav


And her new group

And now, thanks to a Towleroad poster named Ambrose THE TRUTH!

“LGBTQ S.A.V.E.S., a group formed a year ago to help protect K-12 students and educators in Tarrant County against anti-LGBTQ harassment, met yesterday with Mr. Franks to get his side of the story. His account, which we found entirely credible and which several students in his class have now substantiated, contradicts that of this student on many essential points. He says this boy is one of four in that class that have repeatedly harassed him this year for being gay (he is out, but has had no cause to reveal his orientation to students in this or other classes). The photo of two men kissing was from one of many news articles on different subjects relevant to the sociology class he teaches, though it had been ripped from the wall during this specific class. At other times, he found demeaning, anti-gay name calling specifically addressed to him and left in class for him to find. During the lesson on the day in question, the subject of Christianity in Germany had been broached but, insists Franks, the topic of homosexuality not at all at the time when the boy looked him square in the face and declared loudly, “Gays can’t be Christians; homosexuality is wrong.” This was the last in a series of such comments, most made without Mr. Franks having brought up the topic. Mr. Franks expressed devotion to the principles of free speech and a readiness to entertain comments by those with whom he disagrees. But, he asserts the context makes it clear that the comments were made ad hominem, aimed directly at him. We believe this is plausible. FWISD has just recently extended anti-bullying policies specifically to cover anti-LGBT harassment, much to the dismay of right-wing Christianist opponents. Anyone who thinks this is not directly related to the Liberty Institute’s involvement and their lawyer’s successful use of the media to whip up public outcry against Mr. Franks and apply pressure on the school district, is beyond naive.
Posted by: Ambrose | Sep 24, 2011 9:02:59 PM”

Ordinarily I’d just cue Annie Lennox

But I have a message for Mr. Franks. And the person to deliver it is the lovely Gavin Creel