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Let Us Prey

Quite a story, eh? The Young Turks certainly think so.

Meanwhile on a less giddy note Brigitte P. LaVictoire of Lezget Real opines–

“Linda Wall was twenty-one when she had an “affair” with a child the age of 12 to 14, of course that is not the narrative we are hearing with some comments left on this site that are accusing her of having carried on the ‘affair’ when she was thirty-seven. Wall stated that she carried on the affair sometime in the 1970′s, which means any time between 1971 and 1979, which means she was somewhere between 21 and 31.”


“Jim Brogan of the Post Chronicle, which is a local paper to Linda Wall, went onto the defensive for Wall regarding her involvement with a child who was 12 to 14. Brogan dismissed the case as, at best, statutory rape.”



“He relied on her interview with the Associated Press and not on her testimony before the courts. He sounded a lot like Bill Donohue of the Catholic League when he defends the Catholic Church’s handling of the child sexual abuse scandal.”


“Linda Wall showed that she was unrepentant over the fact that she is a child predator when giving her testimony in court, which include the fact that she says that what she and her victim engaged in was an “affair”. In fact, the entire testimony shows that she has had little or no remorse with regards to what she did. Wall was asked why she had been asked to leave Prince George Junior High, and in the deposition she answered “a parent was upset with me, and they just felt like I should move on.” When asked why she was asked to leave, she responded with “They asked whether there was some misbehavior with their daughter”, and finally stated “Uh, they alleged that I had an affair with their daughter.” In the deposition, she claimed the assault happened in the 1970′s.
In a recent interview, Wall told the Associated Press that “I’ve never tried to hide that I was in homosexuality. If anybody Googles me, they would find that out there. Forty years ago I was a different person. I was a heavy pot smoker with … impaired judgment and made some bad choices. You do that out of college sometimes. Some people do, some people don’t.” So far, has anyone come up with a case of a pot smoker raping a twelve to fourteen year old?”




“Beyond the unrepentant language that she constantly uses, there are some pretty disturbing issues when it comes to Linda Wall, specifically when it comes to the Lisa Miller/Isabella Miller case.”

If you recall that was the case of the “ex-lesbian” who kidnapped the child she and her former partner had raised together.

Jenkins Miller

The kidnapper is on the right.

Here she is with the girl.


(to continue)

“1.Wall was the point woman in bringing Lisa Miller into the Thomas Roads fold.
2.She was the one who was constantly spewing lies regarding Janet Jenkins, thus isolating Isabella from her second mother and potential lifeline.
3.Wall was even one of the people who harassed LezGetReal for even covering the case itself.

Her behavior is classic for an unrepentant pedophile or ephebophile.

The latter is a term Bill Donohue and his ilk use to defend pedo-priests, so I don’t really care for ie. Still —

A child sexual predator often develops a close relationship with a single parent. This is a behavior designed to get close to the child or children. Once the predator is able to get into the home, he or she then uses any opportunity that they can in order to manipulate the child or children, often including guild, fear and love. A religious figure often talking about the sinfulness of the child and the love of Christ to manipulate the child. The predator then pushes to get private time with the child, and this especially happens if the parent works.
As for the child who is targeted? That is easy. The predator seeks out shy, handicapped, withdrawn and often isolated children who come from troubled homes or under privileged homes. The predator then showers the victim with attention, gifts, and trips to various places. Predators will often work to cut the lifeline of the child that they are abusing by making sure that any one from outside the intimate circle will not be able to communicate with that child. They will spread lies and hate about the child’s friends and family, making them the only one trusted by their victim.”

Sounds like a plan.

“Lisa Miller was a confused woman who had been in a relationship that ended badly, and she had a child who was young, confused and hurt from having to see her parents divorce.
Now, perhaps Wall is reformed. That has been known to happen- with professional counseling and therapy. However, one cannot just ‘pray the pedophile’ away.”

Tell it to Marcus Bachmann!

“Unfortunately, the chatter is that this was not an isolated incident, and that raises questions about Wall’s past and exactly when did Thomas Roads Baptist Church and Liberty Council know they had a problem with Wall?
And even more disturbingly, if they did know about Wall’s past history with young girls, why did they even put Wall into a position that gave her access to children, like Isabella Miller, in the first place?”

The same reason the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America protect their child predators.

Meanwhile We’ve got an update from Linda.

“It was over four and a half years ago
that I received a call from Rena Lindevaldsen
of Liberty Counsel. She had
heard that I was a Christian activist in
Virginia who had once been involved
in homosexuality. Liberty Counsel was
considering taking the Lisa Miller case
and wanted me to go to Winchester,
Virginia and determine if Lisa Miller
was indeed born-again.
I accepted the assignment and drove to
Winchester. All the way I prayed for
discernment. As soon as I walked
through the front door of Lisa s house
and looked at her countenance I knew
she had been touched by Jesus; that she
was the real McCoy !
During these years of following the
case, I have seen Lisa clearly demonstrate
her love for the Lord in fighting
the fight and keeping the faith. She
stood up against threats to take away
her child, enduring heartbreaking uncertainty
for years. Her plight is close
to all Christians as the freedom to raise
children in the ways of the Lord is in
jeopardy. Her fate is bound up with the
risk of having Virginia s DOMA, Marriage
Affirmation Act and Marriage
Amendment of Virginia, overridden by
the marriage laws of other states.
Lisa has asked me to say thanks to all
of you for your prayers and thoughts.She is presently teaching in a Christian
school and is continuing to trust Jesus for
victory and for Him to be glorified in the
Little Isabella is not so little anymore. She
has had to grow up fast. Despite the difficult
times, she is a real delight and talks
about her love for Jesus and His ways.
The hand of the Lord has been upon Lisa
and Isabella throughout this case. Divine
intervention is needed more than ever in
the days to come. May God Almighty deliver
Lisa and Isabella from the evil of the
Legal proceeding update:
The next few weeks bring Lisa and Isabella
to several points of crisis:
On August 11, Liberty Counsel filed a
petition asking the United States Supreme
Court to hear Lisa s parental
rights claim in the Vermont litigation.
The court is expected to consider
whether to take the case on September
During the first week of September,
Liberty Counsel will file a petition
asking the US Supreme Court to hear
Lisa s case in Virginia, asking the
court to clarify that Virginia does not
have to give full faith and credit to the
unconstitutional orders coming from
Vermont. The court will likely consider
that petition in mid October.
Janet, Lisa s former lesbian partner,
will soon ask the Virginia Juvenile and
Domestic Relations court to register
and enforce Vermont orders giving
Janet liberal visitation.
(Rena Lindevaldsen, Liberty Counsel
attorney, asks that you pray for wisdom
in her opposing those motions.)
On October 27, the Vermont trial
court will have a hearing on Janet s
motion for sanctions against Lisa, including
Janet s request for a full
change of custody. Divine intervention
is needed in this matter.
Let us pray for Lisa, Isabella, and the state
of Virginia during these upcoming weeks.”

Speaking of the Divine, my favorite lesbian will now sing us out.