Daily Archives: October 11, 2011

Well there you have it, ladies and germs — the elephant in the elephant’s bedroom. For months now it’s been crystal clear that the Republican Party’s marked, let’s call it “lack of enthusiasm” for their “front-runner” Mitt Romney had to do with one thing and one thing only.

HE’S A MORMON !!!!!!

The Republican party is a Fundamentiat Christian Organiztion with a big “Mormons Neeed Not Apply” sign on its front door. Why did Mittens get as far as he has? Because for a rabidly-right-wing organization like this he the closest thing you can get to a “centerest” — and therefore capable of raising more money from the corproations that run the country in order to mount a Presidential Campaign.

He talks the talk: “Smaller government” (for the top 1%), “Tax Cuts” (because as every True Republican knows taxes go to shiftless niggers — and not shifty Lawn Jockeys like Herman Cain), repeal “Obamacare” (cause that would deprive the “Health Care” lobby they work for from getting more money than they aready have), and of course “The Death Penalty” to anyone that corsses them — except of course “The unborn.” If you’re a Republican all fetuses must be brought to term — in order to execute them later. So despite the recent runaway success fo a certain Broadway musical,

it’s not Mittens’ Moment.


The Reverend Jeffress doesn’t care what you “Believe,” Mittens. He cares about Who You Are.

Electing a Mormon in his view would make the Big Invisible Bi-Polar Daddy Who Lives in The Sky act towards the U.S. the same way he did towards


in The Prodigal

Being a Frank O’Hara fan


you can imagine how much this annoys me. But it doesn’t annoy me quite as much as the lies this blatantly political organization puts out.

The best thing about Mormons is that they produce Ex-Mormons.

Yes folks , that’s a Sondheim cue