Daily Archives: October 20, 2011

 But wait — there’s more. A whole ‘nother kind of more in point of fact.


“If you’re an Angeleno in the know (or happened to catch last night’s local L.A. news) you may have heard that on Wednesday, a 15-year-old Autistic teen, Cameron Smith, had run away from Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport. Strange, right? And you may have learned that he was discovered ordering a drink in West Hollywood’s famous gay bar, The Abbey. Even weirder. But what hasn’t been reported is that he may have been running away because he was being sent away because he’s gay.
Smith was heading to Salt Lake City, where he attends a special needs school. But according to WeHo Confidential, the reasons for him bolting run much deeper. After speaking to witnesses at The Abbey, WeHo Confidential published this statement:
“The story the media portrays is that of ‘an autistic child is safe today after running away from the Burbank airport when his mother failed to ensure his safe departure.’ The media won’t tell you that Cameron is gay, that he’s being shipped away for his homosexual tendencies (again) or that he’ll be bullied into a closet for the next four years no thanks to his parents.
Cameron didn’t run away from school. He simply fled to the only gay sanctuary he’d ever heard of, hoping that someone there could save him.”
We are still trying to confirm that Cameron is, in fact, gay but after speaking with WeHo Confidential, they assured us that, “it was a conclusion that was drawn after speaking with everyone and analyzing the shoes he purchased.” Well if that ain’t investigative reporting, then we don’t know what is.
We kid. The accounts seem to have some weight, they even received a comment from The Abbey founder David Cooley, who says:
“This brave young man was in the process of being returned to the state of Utah where being gay is not tolerated. Cameron obviously fled to the Abbey because it’s renowned for being a safe haven for members of the gay community and my heart pours out to him during this difficult time in his life. I hope Cameron knows he has a family here and that he touched our lives in a very powerful way today.”
While the facts are still being found, we hope that Cameron finds the support he needs, for whatever that may be, wherever he is.”

You know I think we’ve seen this movie before.

Let’s hope this one has a happy ending too.

Del Shannon will sing us out.