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Well whodathunkit She’s a No Show!

“Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, after saying she would attend a meeting with Occupy Oakland supporters, failed to show up and instead issued a statement Thursday night laying out “ground rules” for peaceful demonstrations.”

As everyone knows “ground rules” should be given to the police — not peaceful demonstrators rightfully protesting for redress of grievances. But power does not cede. Nor does it even acknowledge fault — save for P.R. purposes.

“Quan said demonstrators needed to have direct communication with city officials, maintain healthy and safe conditions at protest sites, allow rescue personnel to enter areas if problems arise and not camp overnight on public property.
On Thursday night, a number of tents had sprouted up at the City Hall plaza area as protesters began reconstructing their encampment, which was shut down early Tuesday by police.”

Second verse same as the first.

“Quan issued her statement as hundreds of people gathered downtown for a candlelight vigil for Scott Olsen, 24. The former Marine, who served two tours in Iraq, was seriously injured when he was struck in the head by a projectile Tuesday night during violent clashes between police and Occupy Oakland supporters.”

Translation: A Police Riot. But the pretense of being under attack by unarmed protesters must be maintained


“Olsen was being treated at Oakland’s Highland Hospital, where his condition was upgraded Thursday from critical to fair. He was visited by Quan, who said she was sorry for what had happened and that the incident would be investigated, according to Bay Area media reports.”

Gee I’ll be he was happy to hear her apology.

But did he hear it at all? His condition has been upgraded from “critical” to”srious” but I doubt I heard her blather.

At least I hope he didn’t.

“Quan and other top city officials have been criticized for their handling of the Occupied Oakland movement. Quan initially supported the protest but then said she agreed to allow police to shut down the encampment, which triggered the confrontation in which officers fired repeated tear gas rounds into throngs of protesters.”

So which is it bitch?

Anyhoo, speaking of P.R. The World Worst Newspaper weighs in.

“For supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement, whose diffuse anger has been a defining and sometimes distracting characteristic, the wounding of an Iraq war veteran here has provided a powerful central rallying point. “

It’s only been “distracting” to the status quo the NYT embodies.

“The veteran, Scott Olsen, 24, was critically injured on Tuesday night when he was hit in the head with a projectile thrown or shot by law enforcement officers combating protesters trying to re-enter a downtown plaza that had been cleared of an encampment earlier in the day. Mr. Olsen, who served two tours of duty in Iraq as a Marine, suffered a fractured skull.
And while Mr. Olsen’s condition has since improved, his injury — and the oddity of a Marine who faced enemy fire only to be attacked at home”

Nothing odd about it.

“— has prompted an outpouring of sympathy, as well as calls for solidarity among the scores of Occupy encampments around the nation. On Thursday night, camps in several major cities — including New York, Chicago and Philadelphia — were expected to participate in a vigil for Mr. Olsen, according to Iraq Veterans Against the War, of which he is a member.
“I think people would have been outraged even had this been a civilian,” said Jose Vasquez, the group’s executive director, “but the fact that he survived two tours of duty and then to have this happen to him, people are really upset about that.”
Friends of Mr. Olsen — who worked in computer systems at a Bay Area technology company — said that he had eagerly joined the Occupy movement, heading to the San Francisco camp after work and sleeping on the streets in solidarity with the campers there. He was in Oakland on Tuesday to take part in the demonstration there.
“He was loving it,” said Jason Matherne, a fellow Iraq war veteran who met Mr. Olsen several months ago. “I think he believed that corporate greed needs to end, and I think he felt the war economy was part of that.”

And his work for that at that unnamed techology company may have spurred hi enlightenment.

“Video of Mr. Olsen, lying bleeding and stunned, has been shown on the Internet and on television news reports, though what exactly hit him remained unclear. But Joshua Shepherd, 27, another veteran, said there had been a “barrage of police tear gas canisters flying everywhere.”

Seems clear enough to me.

““I did not know Scott had been hit,” Mr. Shepherd said. “People dragged him away.”
Since the skirmish, which resulted in more than 100 arrests, several liberal groups — including Amnesty International — have condemned the use of tear gas as well as the actions of Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland, who said the measures were justified because protesters threw rocks. “

Oh yeah? Where are the rocks?

“The Oakland police have since promised an investigation, and Ms. Quan repeated on Wednesday that Oakland is a “very progressive city” that supports the goals of Occupy Wall Street. But petitions were already circulating calling for the resignation of Oakland’s interim police chief, Howard Jordan.
Some 3,000 people gathered peaceably on Wednesday night, debating the merits of calling a general strike in Oakland next week, echoing calls from some Occupy supporters for a national strike. That event was followed by a march through downtown. Unlike Tuesday night, the Oakland police kept their distance.
Outside City Hall on Thursday, meanwhile, several tents had once again sprung up on the contested campground, after protesters removed a police barricade the night before. Nearby, a makeshift tribute to Mr. Olsen had been built around a flagpole, with the words “Pray 4 Scott” chalked onto the pavement.
A handful of protesters also stood guard, including Joann Herr, 60, of Oakland, who said Mr. Olsen’s injury had enraged her. “I was mad,” Ms. Herr said. “How could you not be?”

Well these clowns certainly aren’t mad at Wall St.


They’re mad at Occupy

“Conservative talk radio hosts John and Ken showed up at Occupy L.A. for a live broadcast Thursday, setting off a chaotic scene of jostling and shouting. If their aim was to provoke, they succeeded.”

Translation: Fascist scumbags John Chester Kobylt and Kenneth Robertson Chiampou tried their best to take advantage of those that they despise at Occupy L.A. They did not succeed, save in the eyes of the lackey press.

“The hosts, John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, have been mocking the protest on their popular afternoon show on KFI-AM (640). When they entered the encampment of tents surrounding City Hall, accompanied by four security guards dressed in suits, they were quickly flanked by a crowd of several dozen protesters.”

Suits? Very NPH!


“Some demonstrators greeted them with smiles and handshakes. Others screamed that they were pushing “right-wing propaganda.” At one point, the crowd drowned out the broadcast with cheers of “We are the 99%.”

A woman walking by who asked about the commotion was told by a protester: “It’s a conservative radio show here to make people sound and look stupid.” Eventually, tensions eased and the hosts conducted a series of interviews with protesters.”


“The show was the subject of controversy recently when the hosts read on the air the mobile and office phone numbers of a local immigrant rights activist. The activist reported receiving hundreds of hate-filled phone calls as a result, prompting a boycott launched by the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

General Motors on Wednesday became the latest company to pull ads from the show in support of the boycott.”

No fools they.

“During a commercial break Thursday, a protester in a shirt that read “No human is illegal” approached the radio personalities. He was Rudy Pisani, an 83-year-old Korean War veteran.

“Have you served your country?” Pisani asked angrily.

Kobylt said he had, by paying taxes.

“You’ve got some gall, brother!” Pisani shouted before stalking off.”

Not as much gall as the editors of the LAT

“Right about now, we suspect City Council President Eric Garcetti is regretting telling protesters with the Occupy Los Angeles movement camping outside City Hall that they were welcome to “stay as long as you need to.” And Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa might be rethinking his decision to hand out ponchos when the weather turned wet. It’s even possible (though unlikely) that Councilman Richard Alarcon is thinking twice about pandering to the movement by using it as an excuse to resurrect his misguided proposal to shift L.A. funds to community-oriented financial institutions, a move that could cost the city at least $58 million.”

Nothing’s more “misguided” than a program designed to aide the 99% instead of the 1%

“Four weeks after protesters converged on the Civic Center, they are wearing out their welcome. Even some of the city’s most liberal politicians, who initially embraced them, are trying to figure out a graceful way of getting them to go home.”

They are home, stupid.

“That may not be possible. Occupy Los Angeles, an offshoot of the national Occupy Wall Street movement, is a viral demonstration that prides itself on a lack of leadership or central organization.”

It’s got a central orgaization — The Genral Assembly. And it “prides itself on lack of leadership” because Occupy sees us all as leaders.

“In the past, police and public officials have often been able to negotiate a peaceful end to major demonstrations by engaging in a kind of theatrical performance in which the leaders agree on who will be arrested to make a political statement, and police agree not to use their batons. But it’s hard to negotiate with a headless group united only by its resentment toward bankers, corporations, Congress, the media and others in positions of power — including the police.

Translation: In the past demonstrations have been one-day afairs, only a few hours long. Protesters marched back and forth in front of some building to other, got on the afternoon news and that was that. But now THEY WON’T GO AWAY! HELP! MOMMY!

“In fact, for the Occupy protesters, being rousted by police may pose strategic advantages. Videos of alleged police brutality shot by demonstrators in New York and Oakland have quickly become Internet sensations, bringing publicity to the movement and increasing public participation.”

As the above posted vdieo shows there’s nothing “alleged” about it.

“In Oakland, where police used tear gas to evict demonstrators from their encampment near City Hall on Tuesday night and an Iraq war vet was hospitalized after being struck in the head by a tear gas canister, the incident has strengthened the protesters, who are now calling for a general strike to shut down city operations.

The last thing Los Angeles needs is a repeat of what happened in Oakland. The demonstrators haven’t made themselves a public nuisance to the extent they did in the East Bay, and there is no reason to rush a confrontation.”

Ya Think?

“At the same time, though, it’s becoming increasingly clear that they can’t be allowed to camp out at City Hall forever. They’re killing the lawn in one of downtown’s rare green spaces, which will have to be replaced at taxpayer expense, and they may be damaging City Hall’s majestic fig trees. Merchants who normally set up a weekly farmers market on the lawn have been forced to set up in a plaza across the street, and there are obvious sanitation, vermin and public-health problems that come with an impromptu encampment in an urban zone that wasn’t intended to accommodate it. Besides, it’s against the law to camp in city parks after 10:30 p.m.”

Love the “majestic” And hey — I love downtown.

“So what are city officials to do? Complicating the answer is that some of the same politicians now urging the protesters to leave were only too eager to roll out the welcome mat a few weeks ago. Villaraigosa on Wednesday said the demonstrators must obey local rules and regulations and that the encampment “cannot continue indefinitely.” Downtown business groups are said to be pressuring City Council members to close down what’s looking more like a Hooverville than a protest, and City Atty. Carmen Trutanich has urged police to enforce the law on nighttime camping. Yet on Oct. 12, the council unanimously approved a resolution expressing support for “the continuation of the peaceful and vibrant exercise in 1st Amendment rights carried out by ‘Occupy Los Angeles.’”

The protesters, meanwhile, have made it clear that they don’t intend to leave. “As a time stamp for our departure, there is none,” they wrote in a joint statement Wednesday night.

It would be best for everybody, including the demonstrators, if the impasse could be resolved without resorting to police in riot gear.”

Well that’s up to the police and those in charge of them, isn’t it dear?

“Another location for the protest should be found, and if the participants are organized enough to put out a joint statement, they’re organized enough to negotiate a peaceful departure.”

Hey — how about your front lawn? I’m sure you’d welcome them with open arms.

And now to sing us out, direct from Occupy — Eddie Cantor!