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Surely the facts are stupid things to


As the nice folks at Equality Matters note —

“Earlier this year, Chick-fil-a became embroiled in a controversy surrounding its donations to anti-gay groups. Though Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy”


“denied having an “agenda against anyone,” an Equality Matters investigation discovered that Chick-fil-A donated more than $1 million to anti-gay causes between 2003 and 2008. Now, new IRS 990 forms reveal that the company donated nearly two million dollars to anti-gay groups in 2009 alone, the most recent year for which public records are available.”

Shall we take a peek at them?

“WinShape Is Chick-Fil-A’s Charitable Arm. The WinShape Foundation is Chick-fil-A’s charitable arm, created by Chick-fil-A founder and chairman S. Truett Cathy in 1984. WinShape has received a substantial amount of funding from Chick-fil-A: in 2009 alone, WinShape received $7,814,788 from Chick-fil-A Inc. [Winshape 2009 Publicly Available IRS 990 Form via Foundation Center, accessed 10/28/11]
WinShapeGave Over $1.7 Million To Anti-Gay Groups. In 2009 alone, WinShape donated $1,733,699 to multiple anti-gay groups:
Marriage & Family Legacy Fund: $994,199
Fellowship Of Christian Athletes: $480,000
National Christian Foundation: $240,000
Focus On The Family: $12,500
Eagle Forum: $5,000
Exodus International: $1,000
Family Research Council: $1,000″

As if that weren’t enough —

“Chick-Fil-A Vice President Launched Marriage And Family Legacy Fund. Donald “Bubba”Cathy, Chick-fil-A’s senior vice president, helped launched the Marriage and Family Legacy Fund (MFLF), which “pool[s]funds for a national marriage media campaign and provide start-up grants for local initiatives to promote stable, lasting marriages.”


Isn’t he a treasure?

And that ain’t all. There’s

Bubba & Cindy Cathy Winshape Marriage

PO Box 490007
Mt. Berry, Georgia 30149-0007

Our Mission:

WinShape Marriage is unique in its approach to marriage ministry. Instead of using an educational model of lectures and books, WinShape Marriage is about experiencing the presence of God. Through prayer, worship, group discussions, and couple mentoring, WinShape Marriage assists couples in maintaining and growing their relationships.

Who We Are:

WinShape Marriage is under the passionate direction of Chick-fil-A senior vice president, Don “Bubba” Cathy and his wife Cindy.


For over 20 years, Bubba and Cindy have taught a newlywed and engaged couples Sunday school class. Now they’ve greatly expanded their marriage ministry through the development of WinShape Marriage, which is part of the WinShape Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 1984 by Truett and Jeannette Cathy.”

Back to Chicken Sandwich Central —

“MFLF Is A Project Of The Anti-GayMarriage CoMission. The MFLF was created to be the “implementation and funding arm” for the Marriage CoMission, a coalition of groups formed in response to the “downward spiral of marriage and the traditional family in America.” [MFLF Executive Summary, accessed 10/28/11, Marriage CoMission, accessed 10/28/11]
Marriage CoMission Is Supported By Prominent Anti-Gay Activists.Since its inception, the CoMission has been supported by anti-gay activists such as Exodus International’s Alan Chambers and Citizens for Community Values’ Barry Sheets. [Marriage CoMission, accessed 10/28/11]

WinShape Donated $994,199 To Marriage And Family Legacy Fund. WinShape donated $994,199 in 2009. [Winshape 2009 Publicly Available IRS 990 Form via Foundation Center, accessed 10/28/11]”

And so Chick-fil-A works hand-in-hand with the usual crew: Focus On The Family, Eagle Forum, Exodus International (whose efforts at “praying away the gay” have met with no success whatsoever) and the Family Research Council, plus the self-styled Fellowship Of Christian Athletes who claim

“God desires His children to lead pure lives of holiness. The Bible is clear in teaching on sexual sin including sex outside of marriage and homosexual acts. Neither heterosexual sex outside of marriage nor any homosexual act constitute an alternate lifestyle acceptable to God.
While upholding God’s standard of holiness, FCA strongly affirms God’s love and redemptive power in the individual who chooses to follow Him. FCA’s desire is to encourage individuals to trust in Jesus and turn away from any impure lifestyle.”

Oh that Miss God — she’s such a caution!

And so is Dan Cathy.

Despite Ties To Anti-Gay Groups, Chick-Fil-APresident Denies Company Has An Anti-Gay Agenda

Pennsylvania Chick-Fil-A Sponsored Anti-Gay Group’s Marriage Event. In January, a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Pennsylvania donated food to the group Family Life to put on an event called the “Art Of Marriage” Both Chick-fil-A and co-sponsor Pennsylvania Family Institute (PFI) were originally listed as sponsors of the “Art Of Marriage” event, although Chick-fil-A scrubbed its name from the event’s advertisements after the controversy began. [New York Times, 1/29/11; Joe. My. God., 1/4/11]
Co-Sponsor Of Event Has Long History Of Anti-Gay Activity. PFI has a history of anti-gay activism. For instance, in 2010, the group worked to kill a state bill that would have prohibited discrimination against LGBT people in housing, employment, and public accommodations, and a lawyer for PFI, argued that discrimination against gay and lesbians was a “moral choice.” [Delaware County Times, 12/23/10]
Chick-Fil-A’s President Released A Statement Denying The Company’s Ties To Anti-Gay Groups. In response to the controversy, Chick-fil-A president and COO Dan Cathy released a statement denying that Chick-fil-A’s donation was an endorsement of traditional marriage, arguing that Chick-fil-A has “no agenda against anyone,” and that the company would not “champion any political agendas” relating to marriages or families. [PR Newswire, 1/29/11]”

Can we say “lying scumbag” boys and girls?

Of course we can.

Sing us out, Cab!