Daily Archives: November 13, 2011

While I have no doubt regular readers of this blog are well aware of our history of antipathy it should be pointed out that Old Milkyloads


whose current role model is apparently Paddington Bear


has been an unfailing source of amusement to yours truly for a great many years — and many funerals. That he has hung on, despite his penchant for barebacking is, as they say. . . interesting.

His latest foray into the forests of turgidity are, however, utterly fascinating. In fact it rivals Bunuel’s EL for “black” comedy.

As Michael Stipe would say,


consider this —Got that? God appeared to Miss Thing “at the end of my bed at a particular part of the wall.”

Most remindful of the climactic scene of Juliet of the Spirits

Needless to say Sully the Pooh has nary a trace of the charm of Giulietta Masina.


Make no mistake seeing the Face of God can take it out on a person

Please note (In his big cyber crying jag) “I remember being overwhelmed by the sheer unfairness of this.”

This is shortly followed by — “It occurred to me that God was Evil. Now I think there’s a lot of evidence of that.”

No shit, sherlock.

And then — “Some force came in and told me that God is Love.”

Now who could that have been?

Tennessee Williams perchance?

And now to sing us out the late lamented REM, whose most famous video is most remindful of Derek



with a soupcon of Todd