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I’m sure y’all have seen this by now.

Doesn’t Frank Luntz


make great Peter Ustinov?

Needless to say, Newt is no Lola.

As for his Mom I trust what we all remember about her is this –

Lovely woman.

No need to go all Johnnie Ray on us now, Newtie.


But if you’re looking for advice on future crying jags, the go-to-gal is Margaret O’Brien


How did she do it?

The goddess explains.

“In addition to her mature acting ability, one of Margaret’s most famous qualities was her ability to cry onscreen. She is frequently quoted as having asked directors who told her to cry whether they wanted the tears “inside or out,” and if “out,” whether they should go all the way down or stop halfway. Though magazines of the period report that to provoke tears, her directors would tell her that Maggie, her cocker spaniel, had died, in a 1993 interview with Classic Images Magazine Margaret described her inspiration differently:
“How they really got me to cry is kind of interesting. June Allyson also did a lot of dramatic films — we were known as The Town Criers of MGM. We were always in competition: I wanted to cry better than June, and June wanted to cry better than me. The way my mother got me to cry was if I was having trouble with a scene, she’d say: ‘Why don’t we have the make-up man come over and give you false tears?’ Then I’d think to myself, ‘They’ll say I’m not as good as June,’ and I’d start to cry.”

And with that there’s nothing left to say but — Cue Joe Cocker!

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