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Here’s Janice’s Facebook For The World To See


And here’s the bitch trying to spin her way out of it.

Doncha just love her claim that she’s really “a good person” ?

What I find most striking is how much Janice


looks and sounds like fellow-fascist Sharron Angle.


I’m sure y’all recall —

Well they voted that bitch out of office and this one’s not likely to last either

The next item on the agenda, Mayor Daniels is a Republican Presidential candidate I’ll bet you know personally.

That clip has created a ton of “controversy” on Towleroad thanks to a Troll invasion.

par example

“”Activist Elijah” reminds me of Richard Dawkins’ statement that “There is a no such thing as a ‘Christian child’ – only ‘a child of Christian parents.’” Eight year olds who are activists genuinely of their own accord are very rare. I watched a few seconds of this video, and honestly couldn’t bear to watch any more. It appeared that the kid was rehearsed, and was put up to be an essentially non-voluntary soldier in a political cause. (It’s a cause I happen to support — and Michele Bachmann is truly horrible — but that’s not relevant.)
The world is still adjusting to this whole internet thing. Personally, I think it should be ILLEGAL for parents to put ANY videos of children up on the internet, because children are **too young to give their consent** to participate in something where their image, voice, and statements and/or behavior becomes the world’s property, forever.
I know there are very popular videos of a kid who is talking goofily as he recovers from dental anesthesia, another where a baby bites his brother’s finger, several where kids are subjected to scare-inducing pranks, etc. There are other videos of exquisitely private, personal, and intimate moments, such as a little boy being surprised in his elementary school by his dad coming back from Iraq and crying his eyes out. I imagine in all cases these kids did NOT grant their consent for these episodes in their private lives to go up on the internet for the world’s consumption, forever; and, even if they are offered an opportunity for consent, they are too young to understand the consequences (short-term and long-term) of putting a forever-available, always-potentially viral video of themselves on the internet.
Again, I think the internet and viral video phenomena are still new, and ethics, social mores, and laws have not caught up. In the meantime, I find the practice of posting videos of kids on the internet **appalling**.
Posted by: pro-kids | Dec 5, 2011 10:47:25 PM”

Do you now?

“@pro-kids: u blew ur cover @ “Again, I think the internet and viral video phenomena are still new.”
Posted by: deedrdo | Dec 5, 2011 11:02:49 PM”

a fortiori

“I’m no more disturbed by the video than by the countless children who grow up indoctrinated into the cult of organized religion. Where is your outrage and discomfort at the way religious leaders coerce young minds into thinking they are bad and will suffer eternal damnation unless they follow what they say? Even disregarding the true backstory as shown in the Youtube comments, even if this boy was *presented* to Bachmann and prompted to say what he said, it pales in comparison to the magnitude of what the American Taliban are doing on a DAILY basis.
Posted by: atomic | Dec 5, 2011 11:15:32 PM”

Not to mention —

“I was a nanny for a homosexual couple, and their twins were exceptionally attuned to their community and those who were for and against their parents lifestyles. Once in Sunday School at what we thought was an all inclusive congregation, a derogative comment was made and the KIDS said “We are leaving. That isn’t fair”…they understood what the church couldn’t with NO prompting from their parents, and I was amazed at this.
And the youtube video shows story comments from the mother and cameraperson there that it was the CHILD’S choice to speak up. Give them the chance to use their voice. They know way more than they let on :) (terribly optimistic I know..^_^)
Posted by: Jasmine | Dec 5, 2011 11:20:11 PM”

Speaking of whispers, here’s One From The Vaults.

Poor Newtie.
I’m sure reporters won’t be so careless about whispers this time.

Cue (a hopefully recovering) George Michael