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According to Glenn Greenwald while the “Occupy” movement is not without interest it can hardly compare to the likes of Ron Paul, once one starts to cherry-pick his statements to find those passing remarks “Progressives” may agree with in contrast to the egregious policies of President Obama– clearly the Uppitiest Negro since Juano Hernanadez.

Once can only but wonder what Glenn think of the Los Angeles Times which has gone into full “DAMNED KIDS — GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!” mode over “Occupy”

“The Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks has created a website where the public can get information on plans to restore the City Hall lawn destroyed by the Occupy L.A. encampment.
The department presented three options for the park at a Downtown Neighborhood Council meeting last week and received a flood of feedback on what the public space should look like.
The lawn was destroyed after Occupy L.A. protesters were evicted Nov. 30, seven weeks after the movement took over the space.”

Well let’s take a closer look at that “damage”

Here’s a “Before” shot.


Here’s “Occupy” having moved in.


And here’s a a garbage detail cleaning up after “Occupy” (who would have cleaned up itself as it always does) was summarily routed in the middle of the night.


“The first option would renovate the north lawn with decomposed granite and a flurry of plants native to California. It would return the south lawn to almost as it was by replanting the grass, said Michael Shull, superintendent of planning construction and maintenance.”

Love the “almost” You’d swear the Martians had torched the place

“The second plan would incorporate more drought-tolerant and California native plants into both lawns while still maintaining a sizable lawn for public events.
The third plan would incorporate native plants in all areas of the lawn excluding paved walkways, keeping grassy areas to a minimum.
The second option won in a straw poll at the neighborhood council meeting and is the front-runner for further development, Shull said.
“It still has the original use and affords the opportunity to use drought-tolerant plants,” he said.”

Which of course inspires me to cue Barbara Harris’s first big number from On a Clear Day You Can See Forever.

However it has come to my attention that is Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff has a new version.

So take it away Do Do!