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 See how it’s done boys and girls? The best way to combat Political Correctness is with a Food Fight!


Forget about appearing “condescending.” Forget about “trivilaizing a serious issue.” Just Tell the Damned Beaners to Fuck Off !

So to speak.

And whan asked for a “clarification” —

Want More on Maturo?


“He is a Republican and is a life-long resident of East Haven. He is a graduate of East Haven High School, class of 1970. He has attended South Central Community College (now called Gateway Community College) and the University of New Haven. Maturo is a master electrician, having obtained his state certification as an electrical inspector.
Maturo served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War for six years. Upon returning to East Haven after his military service, Maturo joined the East Haven Fire Department. While serving as a firefighter, Maturo was awarded three Medals of Merit. After 17 years, Maturo resigned because of a work-related injury. He has been a member of the an East Haven Volunteer Fire Company since 1978.
He is a member of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Post # 484; a member of the American Legion, Post # 89; and a charter member of the East Haven Lions Club. He has served on the Public Relations Committee of the 1995 Special Olympics World Games held in New Haven. He has also served as a substitute teacher in the East Haven Public Schools and has served as a legislative clerk in the Connecticut General Assembly.
Maturo was a member of the town council from 1993 to 1995. In 1995, he ran unsuccessfully for mayor, losing to the Democratic incumbent, Hank Luzzi in a three-way race. Luzzi won 40% of the vote to Maturo’s 37% and independent candidate Ben Mazzucco’s 23% of the votes. The general election of 1997 Maturo again was pitted against the incumbent Hank Luzzi. This time Maturo prevailed and won his first election for the mayor’s office with 60% of the vote. In November 2005, Maturo ran against Michael DeBenedet, who ran an aggressive campaign against the incumbent. Maturo won the election with 60% of the vote. With his re-election for a fifth term in 2005, Maturo was only the second East Haven mayor — and the first Republican — to win a fifth term. Democratic Mayor Anthony Proto was the only other one.
On November 6, 2007, April Capone Almon apparently defeated Maturo by 21 votes. The slim margin of victory forced an automatic recount. On November 11, the recount showed that Almon won by 63 votes, but discrepancies in the tally resulted in a second recount. The election was certified on November 14, following a second recount. The final total showed that Almon won the election by 25 votes.
In a bid to become major again, Maturo ran against John Finkle for the Republician nomination, where he lost. Maturo decided to run as an independent until John Finkle withdrew from the race. The town Republican committee gave Maturo the party backing. He went on to face Almon in a rematch of the 2007 elections. Just has it happened in 2007, the challenger defeated the incumbent by 31 votes. The slim margin forced an automatic recount, mirroring the events of 2007. After a recount was finished on Saturday, November 12, 2011, Maturo won back the mayors seat with 34 votes.
In early 2012, when four local policemen were arrested by the FBI accused of being “bullies with badges,” Mayor Maturo said,”I don’t believe these charges at all,” and “I stand by these officers.”

One can only wonder why he isn’t running for POTUS. Surely he’d be an excellent VP prospect for Newtie. Can’t you just see them on the campaign trail wolfin’ down them Tacos?

The President fo the United States will sing us out.