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The screaming, however, is Standard Operational Procedure for him.

What can one say to this except —

What he was yowling about related to one of his more infamous capers, spelled out thusly at Wiki

“Breitbart was also involved in the 2009 ACORN video controversy. Hannah Gilesposed as a prostitute seeking assistance while James O’Keefe portrayed her boyfriend, and clandestinely videotaped meetings with ACORN staff.


Subsequent criminal investigations by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office and the California Attorney General found the videos were heavily edited in an attempt to make ACORN’s responses “appear more sinister”, and contributed to the group’s demise. Breitbart then provided a forum for O’Keefe on his BigGovernment.com website and defended his actions on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel program.”


“Breitbart is the adopted son of Gerald and Arlene Breitbart, a restaurant owner and banker respectively, and grew up in a family with secular liberal views, in upscale Brentwood, Los Angeles. He was raised Jewish (his adoptive mother had converted to Judaism when marrying his adoptive father).He explains that his birth certificate indicates his biological father was a folk singer, and that he is ethnically Irish by birth.”

“His adopted sister is Hispanic. He changed his political views after experiencing an “epiphany” during the Clarence Thomas hearings, and now describes himself as “a Reagan conservative” with libertarian sympathies.”

Of course Clarence Thomas was never hung from a tree. Nor has Andrew Breitbart shown any interest in lynching African-Americans —

at least not at the moment.

But he is very disappointed in great numbers of us who don’t find Clarence Thomas a role model. And he is even more disappointed in that ever-growing group of today’s young people who rather than toe the “Conservative” line
have gone in quite a different direction.

“Breitbart earned a B.A. in American studies from Tulane University in 1991, graduating with “no sense of [his] future whatsoever”. His early jobs included a stint at cable channel E! Entertainment Television, working for the company’s online magazine, and some time in film production”

“Breitbart has launched a number of websites, including Breitbart.com, BigHollywood.com, BigGovernment.com, BigJournalism.com, and BigPeace.com.”

Coming Soon!


“On July 19, 2010, Breitbart posted two short videos showing excerpts of a speech by Shirley Sherrod at an NAACP fundraising dinner in March 2010. The videos ensuing controversy resulted in Sherrod being fired from the United States Department of Agriculture on July 19. After Breitbart was criticized for taking Sherrod’s words out of context, he posted the complete 40-minute video of the speech. The NAACP stated that the video excerpts aired by Breitbart were deliberately deceptive and said that he had “snookered” the group.Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack later apologized to Sherrod and offered her a new job. In 2011, Sherrod brought suit against Breitbart for defamation.”

As I have run into Breitbart a handful of occasions you can imagine how pleased I am that he remembered my name

and “forgot” my race.

“Breitbart has also been embroiled in a controversy within the conservative movement related to the participation of gay group GOProud in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual conference held in Washington, D.C. by the American Conservative Union. In 2011 he was the primary host of a party that served to “welcome” the “homocons” to the convention (though it was the second year they had been participants). This flew in the face of a boycott staged by a few social conservative groups that were offended by the inclusion of GOProud within the conservative fold. Writer, producer, and publisher Roger L. Simon referred to the group as a “game-changer” for the Republican party, and asserted that it represented a turning point in the appeal that the conservative movement might hold for young people. Breitbart was on the Advisory Board of GOProud until he stepped down in the wake of the group’s inadvertent [citation] outing of a senior Rick Perry aide.”

Curiously while GOProud was banned from this year’s GOPac convention, Breitbart was allowed to appear.

Could it be because —

“Breitbart is married to Susannah (Susie) Bean, the daughter of actor Orson Bean,”

“and has four children.”

Hey — maybe he IS straight.

Christopher Walken will lipsynch us out

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